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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan (Picture: BANDAI NAMCO)

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan has just been announced as Bandai Namcos next foray into horro (Picture: BANDAI NAMCO)

For those that get their pixelated kicks from being scared witless Bandai Namco have got you covered with The Dark Pictures.

Joining forces with the team from behind the Until Dawn, Supermassive Games for those not in the know, a new series of horror games are set to come thick and fast – starting with Man Of Medan.

This first instalment was announced today with a suitably slick trailer dropping at the same time, tagging the game for release in 2019.

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As with Until Dawn the graphics are suitably lush and lifelike, and the story itself seems to be something straight out of a Hollywood studio – or at least a plot blending homages to the classics and a twist of creativity.



Players will switch between a cast of four American tourists in what sounds like the deadliest sea-faring adventure in quite a while.

During an idyllic and jape-filled summer cruise they stumble upon a haunted ship from the 40s, and things soon turn bad.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan (Picture: BANDAI NAMCO)

Its from the people behind Until Dawn, so you know youre going to get something slick and wonderfully creepy (Pictures: BANDAI NAMCO)

Getting behind the controls you get to play as all four friends and experience the nightmare that is Man Of Medan.

As youd expect from the people behind Until Dawn their lives are in your hands as a number of choices and pathways lead to multiple endings.

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