Rachel Zoe is opening up about a harrowing experience over the weekend, in which her 9-year-old son Skyler fell 40 feet from a ski lift.

The incident sent her son to the emergency room and left her and her husband, Rodger Berman, “scarred for life,” the fashion designer wrote on her Instagram Stories Monday.

“I’m posting this to remind everyone how fragile life is and how it can turn in a minute,” she wrote, along with posting a picture of Skyler in the ER on Sunday.

According to the fashion designer, Skyler’s fall “could have been easily prevented if the operator had stopped the lift when he saw sky wasn’t on from the start” or if the operator had heard Berman’s screams to halt the lift.

“needless to say by a miracle and the Ski patrol heroes who quickly put a mat under where they thought he would fall ultimately saved his life or from what could have happened,” she continued.

Zoe added that Skyler is “safe and OK,” though she and Berman are “shattered and numb.”

“Sky is in great spirits but sore and banged up a bit but otherwise a brave champion,” she wrote.

Zoe also shared a video of Skyler, who said he feels sore but mostly fine while getting out of bed and walking around.

“Hi everyone,” he said. “I’m okay. I’m just sore. And to show you that I’m okay, I’m gonna stand up — See look, I can stand up! And I can walk, and I’m totally fine. It’s just I’m a little sore. I’m kinda hurting, but I’m fine.”

Zoe capped off her Instagram Stories writing that she and Berman “have never been more grateful” to see their son walking, talking and laughing again.

“truth be told Sky was more brave (than) either of us and we continue to just kiss, hug and simply just stare at him until further notice,” she wrote. “hug your babies extra from us today.”

Berman and Zoe also share a 7-year-old son named Kaius.

Read from source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2020/12/21/rachel-zoe-9-year-old-son-falls-40-feet-ski-lift-sent-hospital/4000037001/