PS5 Release Date News: Great News for PlayStation 5 and PS4 Games, says Industry Expert (Pic: Daily Star)

PS5 News is going to start hotting up in 2019, as Sony potentially looks to wind down the PS4 and start looking to the future.

You can already see shades of this happening even now, with Sony ripping up plans to attend E3 and thereby confirming their absence from the massive yearly Industry event for the first time ever in their history.

In all probability, we should begin to see more concrete news and reports, potentially even leaks, which provide greater clarity over the biggest questions surrounding Sony's next-gen PlayStation console.

Questions like, How much will the PS5 cost? Will the PS5 be PS4 backwards compatible? What games will release on PS5? And so forth.

But the most important question regarding the PS5 Release Date is probably the biggest of them all.

There are multiple theories on the subject. Some Industry Analysts suggest a late 2021 Release. Others are increasingly optomistic we'll see something in 2019.

Whilst more recently we saw one trustworthy opinion from Publisher suggest we might not hear anything in 2019 as Sony looks to safeguard any PS4 sales next Christmas.

However, an interesting new suggestion made by industry analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities has inferred that Sony might not be fearful of announcing a new console, as they will continue to sell buckets of PS4's for many more years to come.

In an interview with Gamingbolt, Pachter was asked if he thought a 2021 launch for next-gen was likely, to which he replied:

“I think whatll be more interesting is what happens to the old-gen consoles. Microsoft has historically wound down production of its prior console shortly after launching its new one, and Sony has done the opposite, and kept the old one in production for a while, for as many as three years.

"I think Sony has a different view of the world. They think that they can still sell 20-30 million consoles in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and developing parts of Europe.

"So I think theyll keep the PS4 alive at a $149 price point or something for the next few years.”

But this isn't the only claim put forward by Pachter. The industry analyst also went on to suggest that, if anything, Sony will want to announce and release early, so that they might not lose ground on their closest rival.

A plan that was executed perfectly during the PS4 launch, which likewise, cost the company dear when they announced and released the PS3 the generation before.


“Microsoft tends to think the Xbox Two, or whatever they call it, is gonna be so powerful, theyre want to sell everybody one of those, and no more Xbox Ones,” Pachter continued.

“So itll be interesting to see, but no, I dont think theyll be delayed to 2021.

"Microsoft isnt doing well enough with the Xbox One to put off launching the next one, and if Sony were to make the mistake of waiting till 2021, Microsoft will get an advantage – which is what happened with the Xbox 360.

"They got an advantage by launching first. Sony wont let them have that advantage this time.”

“[The Xbox 360 launched] at a lower price,” Pachter also added. “And with people pissed about the $600 PS3. Sony got the advantage back by launching the PS4 at the same time as the Xbox One, at a lower price.”

All these points emphatically towards some sort of announcement, or at the very least acknowledgement, of these next-gen consoles in 2019.

This we imagine would be merely a precursor to a potential 2020 release date for both Microsoft's next-gen Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 5 console launch.

Although it's widely believed that Sony might hold some sort of event in 2019, Christopher Dring of has suggested that a January 2020 reveal seems most likely.

Dring also made another excellent point relating to when Sony has typically announced and released their past two consoles as well as when he expects to see it eventually launch (2020).

"Sonys last two entirely new consoles were announced in January and launched in November."

"I know its being worked on. I know when its due. And so Id expect Sony to focus 100% on PS4 this year (2019), and make 2020 the year of PS5. Announce early 2020, show it off at E3 in all its glory, release at Christmas"

But even with a potential announcement well over a year away, there's no doubt in our mind that news in 2019 will still be dominated by people looking for answers on where this next console generation is headed.

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