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Is this a Christmas hint for the PS5?

Is this a Christmas hint for the PS5?

The evening Inbox is still not in agreement over the qualities of Red Dead Redemption II, as one reader approves of 2B in SoulCalibur VI.

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Subtle hint

I know the Inbox likes to laugh and point at silly video game conspiracies, so heres one I just saw about how the S in this PlayStation add looks more like a 5 and so counts as a hint about the next generation. I mean… I guess, maybe but why would Sony need to be subtle about that? Why would they put it in a random Christmas ad? How much time do fans have to obsess over this stuff? Oh, well at least the pics dont have a big red circle and an arrow pointing at it.

In all seriousness though it is probably about time Sony starting teasing things, if theyre going to unveil something next year. I know they might not, that they might wait until 2020, but I dont see them just running quiet the whole of next year. Theyd lose all momentum.

So maybe this hint is real and Im just being cynical. Its a win-win for Sony really though, as whether they intended it or not people are already talking about the PlayStation 5!

Bonus conspiracy

So it seems like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to be number one at Christmas in America, and I assume at least Japan, and the Switch is probably going to be the best-selling console too. What a ride! Although Id hate to think what kind of trouble Nintendo wouldve been in if the Switch hadnt been a hit as with the 3DS being dead on its feet theyve got no safety net now. Everything seems to have worked out though and I wouldnt be surprised if they end up beating the Xbox One worldwide in the end, despite the three year head start.

Then, of course, theyll go silly again and make their next console something complete unappealing, because thats what they do. Although maybe the idea of keeping the Switch going for seven or more years will keep them out of trouble on that front. Im certainly happy with the current quality of graphics and wouldnt feel inclined to get a new version just for better graphics.

A good job all round really and with the added bonus that you get to watch haters going crazy trying to deny it all or put it down to some sort of pro-Nintendo conspiracy. I guess reality has a pro-Nintendo bias.

Glory to SoulCalibur

So 2B is pretty good in SoulCalibur VI – probably more impressive than she is in her native game, which is really saying something!

Although, I thought she was supposed to get her own story segment too? Because, at the moment, she doesnt. Another mild disappointment is how her costume is handled in character customisation. Both the dress and the boots come as a package deal and cant be separated. It kind of limits what you can do with it. Really all you can do is different pallet swaps of 2B and thats it.

Oh well. Apparently there are some armour packs on their way, which come with the package deal provided by the season pass. I find it strange that while the game is easily the third best in the series (which is still a high complement), the character creator feels so weak. Or am I being too harsh?

GC: No, it wasnt great.



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Old school Evil

I have a couple of questions perhaps GC or a reader can answer. Why hasnt there really been any attempt to make a modern horror game with pre-rendered backgrounds, a fixed camera, and tank controls? I understand that no AAA company is going to make something thats arguably outdated but Im surprised an indie dev team havent tried it. It surely cant be that expensive to make a four to five-hour game in that style, right?

My second question is regarding the lack of modern games having a screen detailing total time spent playing the game, why is this? Theres a few examples that Ive inconveniently forgotten at this particular moment but Red Dead Redemption II is the most recent. I can understand it if the game was horribly short but that games a beast length-wise so that doesnt make sense.

Cheers in advance for any answers I get.

GC: Fans often seem to opt for unofficial remakes of Resident Evil rather than homages. But we agree it is a little odd, wed love to see an Alone In The Dark homage too.

Sucker for punishment

RE: Spoonman187. Couldnt agree more. Have not played Red Dead Redemption II but tried several times to like the first one and failed, and even tried Undead Nightmare expansion thinking that might be more fun, but nope, I was still bored stupid. I thought every time that maybe I was just not in mood for the game at that time, but every time I tried it again I would give up.

I didnt like GTA IV, primarily because of Nikos character and whilst GTA V was a little more interesting I ultimately lost interest in it.

I just think that open world games have been done better by others.

Differing priorities

Id like to start off by saying I havent had a chance to play Red Dead Redemption II yet, so am only going off of the Inbox letters (as such I may be way off base with this). I also know films and games are completely different media. Having said that, Red Dead Redemption II is reminding me a bit of James Camerons Avatar.

The amazing 3D and excellent CGI in Avatar seemed to paper over the fact it was an awful film at best, leading to people saying it was a good film. In the letters about Red Dead Redemption II people seem to be saying they can forgive the gameplay/controls because it looks amazing. As I say I havent played it yet and Im sure its not a bad game at all.

GC: Theres nothing about the game that is actively bad but the controls and gameplay are certainly not up to the same standards as the graphics and presentation. How much you consider that a problem depends greatly on what you look for in a video game.

Honest Dreams

Youre right, I have no clue what Dreams is and I still havent despite watching the trailers and seeing them talk about it. But I kind of like that. And I like that Sony is funding Media Molecule to do these left field games when its obvious that theyd never survive on their own as I dont think even LittleBigPlanet was particularly successful.

Im interested in seeing what comes of it all but I already know from long experience I dont really have the talent/imagination to make anything really amazing. Id like to think its just a lack of time/patience but whatever it is Ill have to see what the campaign is like before I even consider it. The beta isnt going to change anything.



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Odd tastes

RE: Penguinwings. I kind of had your problem, I bought a Switch not long after release on a money mad spending spree whim and once Id finished Zelda: Breath Of The Wild I realised there wasnt a whole let left I wanted to play. Ive never liked platforming games in general – although Im in love with Astro Bot – and especially not Marios as the soundbites drive me cuckoo (ahooo, woohoo, etc. – aaarrgghhh!) so that ruled the usual suspects out. Id already played and enjoyed a lot of the ports on my PlayStation 4 long before they came out on Switch and the games upcoming didnt appeal to me at all.

I swapped it for a smartphone not long after purchase and think I got the better deal, nothing has been released thats made me wish I hadnt, especially not Smash Bros. as I was done with party fighting games after the Power Stones on the DC (I dont think theyll ever be bettered) and who needs Mario Kart when the much superior Crash Team Racing is inbound – queue admonishment from the MK massive, just remember its an opinion!

I think you either madly adore Nintendo or you dont – theres rarely an in-between. I was always a Sega lad so I dont have any of the nostalgia with Nintys franchises, consequently when I play them they all feel very dated and samey, and if you dont like their first party games theres no real incentive to own a Nintendo console as the third party support is usually bobbins.

Ive seen Smash and Mario Kart 8 in action and theyre hardly any different to the N64 versions. To some thats a dream but Im not interested, much like I usually swerve the annual Call Of Duties, Assassins Creeds, Battlefields, etc.

Its nice that everyone has a choice and something thats catered for them though, I dont like Fortnite but it seems to be massively popular so it must be me thats got odd tastes. As long as people are gaming and having fun, and not sneering stuff like PC Master race at you every opportunity they get, thats all that matters.
Lost Sock

GC: Astro Bot is extremely similar to the 3D Super Mario games in terms of gameplay, it seems very unlikely you would enjoy one and not the other.

Inbox also-rans

Can I just say that I dont need to wait for the Readers Top 20 to cast my vote on the best game of 2018. Its definitely Into The Breach. I hadnt played it for a couple of weeks, switched it on today and suddenly that was the day gone. Magic!

What would make me buy a Switch? Money and time.

This weeks Hot Topic

As the last Hot Topic before Christmas the subject for this weekends Inbox is what game have you enjoyed the most this year that wasnt released in 2018?

Well do our usual Readers Top 20 in the new year but what was your favourite game this year that came out before 2018? It can be from any time period, from this gen to the 8-bit era, but what did you enjoy the most and why?

How often do you play older games and was your favourite something youd played before, or was it perhaps part of a backlog? Or is it something you picked up for cheap and youre just now catching up on recent releases?

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