Overwatch League: Schedule, Twitch Skins, Stage 2 standings and how to earn Twitch rewards


Twitch has announced that, in collaboration with Blizzard, Overwatch fans will be able to earn in-game rewards simply by watching the Overwatch League

If you link your account with your Twitch account, you’ll be able to earn League Tokens, which is the in-game currency used to purchase Overwatch League team skins.

"Each time a map concludes during a live broadcast, eligible viewers will earn a League Token," reads the announcement.

"Also, a percentage of lucky fans viewing the live broadcast when a match ends will be awarded 100 League Tokens, enough for a home-team skin of their choice!"

To put this into perspective, PC Gamer has done the math to work out how many skins Blizzard are dolling out:

"Each Overwatch League match consists of four maps, with an additional fifth tiebreaker map if the teams are tied 2-2. At three matches per day, four days a week, that amounts to a total of between 48 and 60 tokens per week if one were to watch every single match."

"Overwatch League has been averaging around 100,000 viewers at any given moment. If every one of those viewers had a properly linked account, 632 skins would be awarded at the end of the match."

For more info, including how to link your Blizzard BattleNet account, follow this link:

Overwatch League – Current Standings ahead of Stage 2 Season

The Overwatch League is back! Here are the current standings ahead of Stage 2.BLIZZARD Shanghai Dragons – 0 Wins, 10 Losses


After a successful Stage 1 which saw London Spitfire crowned winners the Overwatch League is back later this evening.

Both the teams and game won't be the same. Players have been released and traded from one team to another. Nerfs to Junkrat and Mercy create fresh challenges for the players to overcome.

And theres a brand new map pool to keep things fresh.

All in all, we couldn't be better primed for the start of Stage 2, which gets back underway in a couple of hours.

We've run through everything you need to know before the new season gets started so keep reading and make sure to tune in!

When does Overwatch League Stage 2 start?

Everything takes place at the Blizzard Arena in California, where it will begin at 4pm PT local time.

That means for anyone in the UK, it all kicks off at 12am GMT on Thursday, February 22. So, midnight tonight, basically.

For the sake of anyone who watched the first stage, yes, this is slightly later than usual, but Blizzard made the decision to push the start time back slightly.

Overwatch League – Team Uniforms and Skins

See the team skins for all 12 city-based franchises.

Overwatch League Stage 2 – WEEK ONE FIXTURES

Wednesday, February 21st

• Seoul Dynasty vs Los Angeles Valiant // 4:00pm PST // 7:00pm EST // 12:00am GMT
• Dallas Fuel vs Shanghai Dragons // 6:00pm PST // 9:00pm EST // 2:00am GMT
• Los Angeles Gladiators vs San Francisco Shock // 8:00pm PST // 11:00pm EST // 4:00am GMT

Thursday February 22nd

• Houston Outlaws vs London Spitfire // 4:00pm PST // 7:00pm EST // 12:00am GMT
• New York Excelsior vs Florida Mayhem // 6:00pm PST// 9:00pm EST // 2:00am GMT
• Boston Uprising vs Philadelphia Fusion // 8:00pm PST // 11:00pm EST // 4:00am GMT

Friday February 23rd

• London Spitfire vs New York Excelsior // 4:00pm PST // 7:00pm EST // 12:00 am GMT
• Dallas Fuel vs Los Angeles Gladiators // 6:00pm PST // 9:00pm EST // 2:00 am GMT
• San Francisco Shock vs Seoul Dynasty // 8:00pm PST // 11:00pm EST // 4:00 am GMT

Saturday, February 24th

• Philadelphia Fusion vs Florida Mayhem // 1:00 pm PST // 4:00 pm EST // 9:00 pm GMT
• Boston Uprising vs Houston Outlaws // 3:00 pm PST // 6:00 pm EST // 11:00 pm GMT
• Shanghai Dragons vs Los Angeles Valiant // 5:00 pm PST // 8:00 pm EST // 1:00 am GMT

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Overwatch League Stage 2 – STANDINGS

1. New York Excelsior // 9-1 // 31-2-10
2. Houston Outlaws // 7-3 // 30-0-13
3. London Spitfire // 7-3 // 29-0-14
4. Los Angeles Valiant // 7-3 // 26-3-13
5. Seoul Dynasty // 7-3 // 25-2-16
6. Boston Uprising // 6-4 // 27-0-17
7. Philadelphia Fusion // 6-4 // 20-1-24
8. Los Angeles Gladiators // 4-6 // 16-0-26
9. San Francisco Shock // 3-7 // 16-2-24
10. Dallas Fuel // 3-7 // 14-3-25
11. Florida Mayhem // 1-9 // 9-1-31
12. Shanghai Dragons // 0-10 // 6-0-32


From February 21, you can 'Cheer' for teams on Twitch to unlock in-game loot like skins/emotes

Overwatch League Stage 2 – CHANGES

There are some slight changes for Overwatch League's Stage 2's format.

Each stage of the Overwatch League – or OWL – features eight maps (two for each game mode) and this Stage we're seeing maps rotate out as others become active.

The game mode order has been changed for Stage 2, too. For Stage two, the series will begin with Assault and Control, before ending with Hybrid followed by Escort.

Thursday matches now begin at 4:00pm PST instead of their previous 2:00pm PST slot.

Saturday games have also been pushed back two hours, beginning at 1:00pm PT instead.

The full map set for Stage 2 can be found below:






King’s Row


Route 66

Overwatch League Stage 2 – PRIZES

Regular Season

Placement Prize

• 1st $300,000
• 2nd $200,000
• 3rd & 4th $150,000
• 5th & 6th $100,000
• 7th & 8th $75,000
• 9th & 10th $50,000
• 11th & 12th $25,000


Placement Prize

• 1st $1,000,000
• 2nd $400,000
• 3rd/4th $100,000
• 5th/6th $50,000

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