Aaron hit back at Perez for asking law enforcement to remove Aarons gun collection (Picture: Getty)

Nick Carter has revealed he is afraid for his familys safety after Perez Hilton shared a snippet of a live stream where Aaron Carter appeared to say he would kill everybody.

The video was presented on a fan account without much context, and Aaron has hit back to say his words have been twisted by using such a small snippet of the conversation.

Blogger Perez had shared the clip a fan had posted, in which Aaron can be heard saying: Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

He then picks up what appears to be an assault rifle and continues: Is this not why you are here? Because Im right f**king here.

The difference is, its 2020 almost. And Im Maximus. So dont imprison me and expect me not to fight back and kill everybody.



Perez then wrote: Aaron Carter with his assault riffles threatening to kill even more people. @LANLASD [Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department], please take away all his guns and force him to get help!!!

Nick then replied to Perezs tweet saying: I am truly now afraid for my familys safety. #Help.

— Breeze (@badboyBreeze) September 21, 2019

It comes after Nick and Aarons twin sister Angel applied for a protective order against Aaron after claiming he had confessed to [Angel] that he had violent thoughts towards babies and our family members.

Aaron hit back at Perezs post, writing: Hey @ThePerezHilton listen here F**KER. Im done with your foul a** b*tchy likes of disparaging tweets.

Nick Carter expressed his fears for his family (Picture: Twitter)
Aarons twin sister Angel applied for a restraining order against him (Picture: Twitter)

Kinda contradicting seeing how you started off as a bully. Its not helpful seeing you liking tweets like that and have a true concern you should give me a call.

Perez then claimed Aaron had made a clear violation of the order which states he is not allowed to mention Nick on social media, which Aaron said was baiting him to make him look crazy.

Aaron hit back at Perez Hiltons claims of concern (Picture: Twitter)
Aaron went in on Perez on Twitter (Picture: Twitter)

He wrote: Actually its not clear Perez. Its them baiting me to look crazy. And maybe you should have your legal department look up the restraining orders.



The restraining order doesnt take away freedom of speech. Perez. And its a temporary one. U and Nick need help.

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Aaron was recently visited by authorities to potentially put him under an involuntary psychiatric hold – kRead More – Source


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