NFS Heat - police chases seem a good start

NFS Heat – police chases seem a good start

The official reveal is later today but, as usual, details seem to have leaked out early about EAs new racing game.

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For a moment there it looked like the new Need For Speed might actually get a proper reveal, with absolutely nothing having been leaked out about it until now.

But last night fans found an unlisted video thats presumably destined to go live this afternoon, screen grabs from which confirm the games name and… admittedly not much else.

You can see a police car in the main artwork though, so that seems to imply that police chases will be back – which is not something all the games have.

NFS Heat - this lone screenshot doesn't really tell you much

NFS Heat – this lone screenshot doesnt really tell you much

The official reveal is set for 2pm today and the game will be shown off in public at Gamescom next week.



A previous rumour spread by YouTuber LP-RIPPER24 suggests that the game has something of an 80s vibe and is set in Miami, which of course brings to mind GTA: Vice City.

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The story will allegedly be more serious than usual and is pitched as a cross between the 2015 reboot and 2013s Need For Speed Rivals, with an open world environment but no day/night Read More – Source


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