FORTNITE CUBE – August 31 Update 2

Just to make things even more confusing the cube has now started to .. er.. slide along the floor.

To say it looks odd would be a slight understatement.

Check out the below tweet from Fortnite Battle Royale News to see it in action.

FORTNITE CUBE – August 31 Update 1

The Fortnite Cube has been on the move for a week and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

It has made significant progress from yesterday as it makes its way from one end the map to another.

Twitter user @Siloxleaks believes it will likely head to the elevated flat spot by the bridge next.

The Fortnite Season 5 battle pass ends on September 25, so there is still time for the Cube to move.


FORTNITE CUBE: A map of the latest path of the Cube

FORTNITE CUBE – Update August 30

To baffle players further, the last time the Cube moved it left a purple rune on the ground.

It is believed, due to leaked datamined files, this will happen six more times before the Cube activates.

According to the Fortnite Battle Royale Leaks Twitter account: “The Cube left a rune burned into the ground as it moved!

“According to this picture itll move 6 more times and leave 6 more runes burned in the ground before reaching a lake and then activating.”

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Fortnite Cube: Where is the Cube? When will it move? Where is it going? What does it do?

What is the Cube?

The Fortnite Cube has been baffling Battle Royale players since it appeared on August 24 due to a lightening storm.

The giant purple cube is one of the biggest mysteries of the game recently.

What baffles players even more is that it is not static – it uses the power of the Hop Rocks to move around the map and even glows when players go near it.

After moving for a while, it stops and extrudes a low gravity zone for a while, before continuing on its path.

The strange Cube even makes strange noises, and kills those who get in its way.

Bizarrely, it also grants shields to people that stay within a safe distance.

Now people want to know where it is heading.

Fortnite Cube map TWITTER / Siloxleaks

FORTNITE MAP: The last location of the Cube

When will it next move?

The Fortnite Cube is due to move in 49 minutes as of 16.06pm BST on August 30.

A Cube countdown clock has been created by Twitter users @siloxleaks and @sud4nym.

This shows exactly when the Fortnite Cube will next be on the move.

It seemed like the Cube was moving every 1 hour and 43 minutes – however, the cheeky Cube has been known to be unpredictable.

Now it seems like it has sped up.

Twitter user @Silox said: “So, the Cube has started to move 2 times as fast, the countdown will be updated super soon!”

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The cube left a rune burned into the ground as it moved! According to this picture it'll move 6 more times and leave 6 more runes burned in the ground before reaching a lake and then activating

— Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) 29 August 2018

Where is the Cube moving?

The Cube has been moving across the map over the last few days after it suddenly appeared.

It is likely the Cube will continue moving for a while, perhaps until the end of season 5.

Some players have predicted it will eventually end up in one of the lakes – possibly Loot Lake.

One Reddit thread even suggests the Cube will make its own lake after going through datamined game files.

The files shows the Cube will “MoveToLake” and then “TurnOn”.

What does the Cube do?

It is not yet known what the purpose of the Cube is.

However, it is known that players can shoot the Cube to deal damage to nearby players.

Meanwhile, should a player touch it or hit it with a package they are propelled away.

Standing near the Cube seems to be beneficial, as it can regenerate your shield.

Players can also jump on the Purple Cube to get extra height.

It is thought the outcome of the Cube will not be revealed until the end of season 5.

There is likely something interesting in the middle of the Cube, which will be revealed when it reaches its destination.

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