Netflix recently released the trailer for its upcoming documentary series “Evil Genius.”

Inverse reported the following on the upcoming series:

The stranger-than-fiction details of the case — which involve a bank robbery, scavenger hunt, and an apparent murder plot — are chronicled in the upcoming Netflix docuseries Evil Genius: The True Story of Americas Most Diabolical Bank Heist. The four-part documentary from producer-brother duo Jay and Mark Duplass (who also produced Wild Wild Country precedes the 15th anniversary of the event and aims to examine the ongoing mysteries surrounding the Wells heist.

Before his death, Wells, 46, maintained that hed been implicated in a plot that forced him to rob a bank using a cane-shaped shotgun and the collar device strapped to his body.

You can watch the awesome trailer below. It looks extremely intriguing.

There are two main points here that I want to hit at. The first one is that Netflix clearly got the signal that people love these documentary series, and has no intention of stopping. “Making a Murderer” was awesome, especially for somebody from Wisconsin. I havent seen “Wild Country” yet, but everything Ive heard about it sounds awesome. People are just obsessed with these true crime stories.

The second point is that Danny McBride and Jesse Eisenberg made a movie a few years ago inspired by these events called “30 Minutes or Less.” It was absolutely hilarious.

You can bet every dollar you have that Ill be watching “Evil Genius” when it gets released May 11. I have no doubt that Netflix will once again deliver the goods.

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