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Monster Hunter: World beginner’s tips – first steps for new hunters
Monster Hunter: World – everyone has to start somewhere

GameCentral offers some useful advice for Monster Hunter newbies, on how to get ready for a big hunt and take down the biggest monsters.


It would be an understatement to say that the Monster Hunter games are huge. With each release they’ve grown into full-time hobbies that encourage players to look for the finer things in life, inside the belly of a freshly slain dragon. The thing is, how on earth are you meant to slay a dragon?

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In the sprawling map that Monster Hunter: World offers, it is very easy to get lost and a little bit overwhelming. T-Rex like beasts will tower over you as they battle vibrantly coloured Trico lookalikes, and you’ll be none the wiser until they flatten you with one heavy-footed misstep. So, as a green-horned hunter, where do you start? Well, hopefully the following tips will set you off in the right direction.

Create a character you are happy with

I know the call of the wild is strong. You might want to fire right through the character creation to jump right into action, but keep in mind that you’ll be staring at that frumpy butt of a character you created for countless hours. So, take your time and create a hunter that best suits you, because there is nothing worse than having an ugly hunter accompanied by an even uglier Palico. I should know, my Palico is as close to neon-coloured as it can get.

Try out all the weapons

The training room is there for a reason, really. It might be tucked away in your quarters, but you should definitely seek it out before committing to a specific weapon. The training room provides a safe zone to experiment with combos and even goes as far as suggesting different ways to use whatever weapon you choose. It’s far better than discovering that the dual blades don’t quite have the range you were expecting, as you swipe at a Wyvern’s feet as it makes quick work of you.

Always be prepared

OK, so this might be stolen from the Scouts, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Preparation is key in Monster Hunter. Without a good kit and a bit of thought, you’ll undoubtedly hit an unsurpassable wall of hardened flesh. Before every hunt you should make sure you have the right gear equipped and that you’ve managed to upgrade your armour and weapons with the resources in your storage box.

Supplies, supplies

Check your supply box every mission. It might be full of menial goods, but it will save you burning through the countless number of potions you’ve spent trying to survive. Even something as small as a few pieces of meat and some first aids will help stave of the damage you’ll take on the hunt. And while you’re at it, make sure you remember to clear out your inventory whenever you have time, you need that extra space. Trust me.


There’s literally no reason not to pick up everything in sight, even when you are pushed for time. Every item out there in the wild helps you build towards the ultimate goal of being the best hunter you can be. Sure, those herbs might only turn into potions just now, but you’ll eventually be able to turn those potions into better potions or even melt them down in the hopes of obtaining better gear. You can even pick up some bugs that help with stamina or get a quick heal from nearby plants – avoid kicking the Paratoad though, it will paralyse everything around and is not a harvestable material. Literally everything has a purpose, so leave no beetle behind.

Be the Buffalo Bill you want to see in the world

And by that, I mean skin everything in your way. Every time you kill a monster its limp body offers up a shot at some crafting materials. Hell, if you can knock off an important part, like a tail, you’ll double your chances at finding the rare drops from specific monsters. These items will be used to craft new gear, weapons, or even help you fulfil one of the many delivery requests offered throughout your time with Monster Hunter: World. Even when the mission is finished and that pesky timer tells you that your time is up, always run to that big ol’ monster and do your best Han-Solo-and-the-tauntaun impression.

Monster Hunter World - the Radobaan is more than just a thorn in your side
Monster Hunter World – the Radobaan is more than just a thorn in your side

Push on with the story

It’s very easy to get lost in the first area as you plunder the depths of the Ancient Forest, but you are justly rewarded with extra bits and pieces as you continue with Monster Hunter: World’s story. With each new area you unlock, there’s a whole host of new beasts to pursue as well as new materials to forge all-new armour. You’ll even reach a point where you can send teams of Palicos out on hunts for smaller items, while you hunt for weapons and gear.

But don’t forget it’s OK to take your time

Contrary to the point above, Monster Hunter: World is a game to steep in, not to rush through. While the allure of a flashy finish lies ahead, you can always settle in for a wee grind in the area of your choosing. So, pick up a few investigations, some bounties, arena fights, and some optional missions at the hub and chill. Grind out those extra armour spheres and make sure you’re ready to take on the next mission – you never know what you might end up hunting next.

Mount your frenemies

A simple idea, but the execution can be a bit tricky when it comes to mounting a monster. Firstly, you need the high ground, and secondly you’ll need to be able perfect that long jump down to its back. When you do nail it, it’s super satisfying. There’s no need to worry about your weapon becoming blunt and you’ll get a free knockdown that will allow you to target the weak spots of whatever you’re hunting.

Never hunt on an empty stomach

Hunting can take a lot out of you. We are talking blood, sweat, and tears here. It’s imperative that you make the most of the canteen and stove when you’re out on an expedition. Depending on your chosen meal and the ingredients, you’ll gain damage buffs, extra defence, a stamina boost, or some extra Palico skills.

Monster Hunter World - see, mounting an Anjanath is easy!
Monster Hunter World – see, mounting an Anjanath is easy!

Hand in everything regularly

It’s easy to forget that you have a ton of quests to hand in, especially when it’s something as simple as collecting four mushrooms. But, if you’re able to maximise these quests, you’ll be able to max out your armour with insane efficiency. You’ll also be able to save up a big chunk of change too. On top of that, every little bit of research you discover in the field builds towards a compendium of information on the monsters you hunt when you hand it in to the little dude sitting on his pile of books – which you can only presume are empty considering you’re doing all the legwork.

Over time all these stats become more important and allow you to target enemies at a ferocious speed when you gain access to time-constrained missions. You’ll also want to clear up all those little yellow exclamation marks in the hub, as there is a chance that the character might have a quest for you.

Don’t be scared to call for help

Taking down a big-named monster by yourself is pretty rad, but Monster Hunter: World isn’t really designed as a single-player game. Maps feel so much smaller when you can explore them with a friend and enemies are far easier to fight when you paint a massive red target on your pal’s back. So, make sure you search the local quest board to see who needs some help or post your own mission up there on the board and get a few hunters to help you. Even when you do go it alone and it turns out to be a bit too tough, you can fire an SOS flare and sit tight while other hunters come to your aid.

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Build your collection

Everyone has a favourite weapon or set of armour. Everyone. But that attachment will often work to your detriment. What looks cool might actually cost you some fights due to the attached stats. It doesn’t matter how slick your full Jagras gear looks because those stats don’t suit your character at all and they definitely won’t help you hunt a Rathalos.

That’s why it’s important to curate your own museum of armour and weapons. I currently have 12 different sets of dual blades and four armour sets to help me hunt specific enemies. Having that flexibility has made even the largest task that bit easier, especially when some of the weapons have massively advantageous status effects.

You could spend days looking up hints and tips for Monster Hunter: World and still struggle. The real test is putting it all in to practise, with so many mechanics and hunts to explore you’ll need to jump head first in. But, above all else, the most important part of the hunt is to enjoy it.


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