• After its press conference, Sony transformed a back lot into a version of Spider-Man's New York City, complete with street meat.
  • It's like really being in the trashiest parts of NYC!
  • Break it down.
  • This ultra-wide image over the Nintendo booth really captures the scale of the 65-fighter roster in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • You could practice your Home Run Contest form at the Nintendo booth.
  • It bugs me way too much that this Hogan's Alley can is now associated with Duck Hunt thanks to Super Smash Bros.
  • Spider-Man once again keeps watch over the Sony booth.
  • Last seen in PlayStation VR's Playroom app, Astro Bot had his own cutesey VR platform game shown off at E3.
  • These official Concrete Genie cosplayers didn't garner that much attention from passersby on the fringes of the Sony booth.
  • Norman Reedus can't believe how good Dreams looks.
  • Miniature arcade cabinets were a bona fide trend at this year's E3. This amusing setup was courtesy of Tiny Arcade.
  • Replicade had the most authentic mini-cabinets at the show, complete with a darling, usable miniature trackball on the Centipede machine.
  • This 40-game miniature Neo Geo has a very loose joystick and plugs for TV output and controller play.
  • At the Video Game History Museum exhibit, we see an old-school example of miniature arcade games.
  • Pac-what? What-man? Sorry, never heard of him.
  • The Apple Watch has got nothing on these bad boys.
  • Nothing screams "1989!" more than the design of this Interactive Vision unit at the Videogame History Museum booth.
  • This Retron 77, which plays Atari VCS games in HD, housed what was easily the oldest home video game on the show floor.
  • In case you were wondering if that gem in the middle of this replica Xbox "Duke" controller is a fully animated LCD screen, the answer is "yes."
  • My personal motto for surviving E3.
  • Hard to argue with this slogan for an accessory that provides wireless virtual reality.
  • This woman was literally screaming and running away from these costumed zombies just before this picture.
  • The Farming Simulator booth once again features the most amusing vignettes of the show.
  • On the first day of E3, someone fell over and cut their lip when trying to do a cartwheel on this loop treadmill. After that, no one used it for the rest of the show.
  • The Fortnite battle bus floated over the game's massive, merch-filled booth.
  • I wish Bethesda would stop relying on such cutesy animated characters and make some realistic, violent games.
  • The Division 2 booth let attendees pretend to be president in a post-apocalyptic Washington DC.
  • Not shown in this image: The floating blocks suspended by string, threatening to fall on passersby.
  • Some early Mega Man concept art as part of a series timeline outside the Capcom booth.
  • Before playing the remake of Resident Evil 2 you had to walk through a "blood"-stained hallway featuring this fellow.
  • Earlier, there was a zombie impaled on top of this police car at Overkill's The Walking Dead booth.
  • In the back row of South Hall you got the weird items, like this pair of shoes that let you "walk" in VR by simulating the Vive controller touchpad.
  • The innards of Marseille's mCable HDMI cable, which uses its own digital signal processor to upscale 1080p images to 4K.
  • There wasn't much in the way of cosplay on the show floor this year, so this Stay-Puft marshmallow man stood out
  • Some rare Warioware-specific cosplay.
  • If you collect enough pins, it becomes a sort of costume on its own.
  • How will they know you're a Rad Gamer if you don't buy an official E3 shirt saying so?

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is a chance for the gaming press and industry to get an early peek at some of the best games of the coming months. But E3 also serves as a sort of video game-based theme park, with colorful and entertaining booths designed to grab attendee attention. That has become even more true in recent years, now that the show floor is open to the public, which is looking for more than just a tired old trade show.

This year's E3 show floor delivered plenty of eye candy, from statuary designed for selfie photo opps to classic gaming oddities from the Videogame History Museum exhibit to some truly out there product ideas hiding in the back rows of the hall. Check out the above gallery to get a feel for what it was like to spend a week in video game wonderland.

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