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Red Dead Redemption II (PS4) - how the West was robbed

Red Dead Redemption II – Rockstars latest blockbuster

Its time to saddle up your horse and holster your pistols because Red Dead Redemption II has been released.

Described as having graphics that are so astonishingly good it almost seems impossible this is not a game to be missed.

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However, if you tend to do your gaming on PC rather than on PS4 or Xbox One then you might well miss out on it.

Rockstar Games have not brought RDR2 to PC yet, and unfortunately they may well never do so either.

There has been no announcement at all from Rockstar about a PC version of the game.

They have history of bringing their games to PC, but it usually quite some time after they hit Xbox and Playstation consoles.

Grand Theft Auto 4 and GTA 5 both came to PC eventually, which means that Red Dead Redemption II could well make the move as well.



However, the original Red Dead Redemption never came to PC, which could be bad news for PC gamers.

Rockstar explained that decision on their site: All we can say is that whenever it is viable (technically, developmentally and business-wise) for us to release a game for PC (or any other particular platform) – we will and we usually do; unfortunately, that is just not the case 100% of the time for all platforms.

So, in short, it is not on PC yet, and we dont know if it ever will be.

Red Dead Redemption II - good games don't make themselves

Red Dead Redemption II – good games dont make themselves

How much is Red Dead Redemption II on PS4 and Xbox One?

HMV is currently selling the game a little cheaper than most other places, at £47.99.

You can also get Red Dead Redemption for the same price at

Elsewhere – Sainsburys, Asda, Argos, Currys, Amazon and Game – it is available on both formats for £49.99, whilst it is £50 at Tesco and Morrisons.

The Special Edition of the game currently selling for around £74.99 from most online stores, while the Ultimate Edition is selling for around £89.99.

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