For the first time since the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, were paying attention to Brazil again. And its pretty much for something equally as cool.

Apparently, Brazil considers healthcare a fundamental human right. Everybody born in Brazil is supposed to have access to a doctor, as mandated by the government. And there are some pretty wacky things that fall under the category of Brazilian healthcare.

They include teeth whitening, cosmetic surgery and other beauty procedures that are intended to make the Brazilian population more physically appealing. (RELATED: Brazil Considers Beauty A Human Right. Are They On To Something?)

Since this is such a wild concept, David Hookstead and I naturally had some opinions on it. As the better looking member of The Smoke Room crew, I was all in on it. I couldnt be more morally opposed to socialized medicine, but I think Ill be able to make an exception if Brazil starts paying for peoples boob job or a Botox injection every now and again.


Clearly, Hookstead doesnt know the first thing about beauty treatments because he thinks you need surgery to get beautiful eyes and doesnt believe in getting a competitive advantage on the dating scene. Sound off in the comments and let us know whos side youre on.

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