George Michaels partner Fadi Fawaz spotted behaving unusually in London (Picture:

George Michaels former lover Fadi Fawaz was spotted stumbling around London after claims that he is now homeless.

Fadi, 46, was spotted staggering around Covent Garden puffing on a cigarette after reportedly sleeping rough on the streets for several nights.

The ex-hairdresser had been at a Travelodge hotel since Georges family got him kicked out the singers £5 million home last month, but could no longer afford it.

He is said to have checked out of the hotel on Monday and has been on the streets ever since.

He blames Georges lawyers for his dark times and believes he was tricked into moving out of the £10 million flat in Regents Park.

The former partner was left out of the late singers £97.6 million will and was arrested in July after allegedly damaging the London house he had lived in with George.



According to neighbours, he had been going berserk and smashed windows and lights in the Club Tropicana singers London pad.

George Michael's partner Fadi Fawaz
The hairstylist claims hes been in legal battles with the singers estate (Picture:

However, when asked about the incident, Fadi responded that he was simply renovating, adding that: Its alright, its all in hand.

Georges family had reportedly been sending legal letters asking the to leave the house, but he had allegedly ignored the notices due to squatters rights.

He was released pending investigation.

However on Wednesday, Fadi took to Facebook to rant about the situation.

He said: George Michael the ikon (sic) 3 years later and his lawyers still not done anything to sort me out so in last few days I have been sleeping in the street in Covent Garden instead of being in my home.

They took the key by a trick the (sic) came out with it and now 2 months later still not heard anything I was staying in hotel and 2 days a go (sic) was stopped.

Fadi had discovered Georges body on Christmas morning in 2016.

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