Up until recently I wasnt particularly bothered about PSVR. I wasnt convinced it was anything other than an expensive gimmick. However I recently decided to see what all the fuss was about after hearing good things. The recent Days of Play also helped. It might still prove to be a gimmick but Im convinced it was worth the money.

I got the Mega Pack with five downloadable games including the much acclaimed Astro Bot: Rescue Mission and also Blood and Truth for £210 (its an early birthday/xmas present from my wife). The price of these games alone would have been between £80-100 or more at least. If your lucky GAME are doing the same deal but with Resident Evil 7 and two months of NOW TV also included though these bundles are in short supply. That means you get potentially up to £130 or more of games and other extras included with the headset.

So far I have really enjoyed my time with VR. The first game I played was the Ocean Descent game on VR Worlds. Its a bit tame but is a good introduction to the hardware. Maybe Im a bit naïve or stupid but I only thought VR allowed the user to look left and right not a full 360 degree field of vision. I was literally gobsmacked looking all around me, up, down, left, right, behind me at the ocean and fish. It was such a weird experience when the cage I was in started moving towards the sea floor I really felt like I was moving too. I cant imagine how immersive games will be when the headsets become more sophisticated. I am playing on the PS4 Slim rather than the Pro and for the most part havent encountered any problems though VR luge did seem slightly blurry though I do accept the graphics arent as advanced as regular PS4 games.

I did feel slightly nauseated on my first session but on the my second playthrough this was less of an issue Im not sure if this was anything to do with standing rather than sitting. Might give Wipeout a miss for a while though that really did make me feel ill after just a few minutes. Ive only played for a while and yet to try out Doom VFR or Skyrim VR (Not a massive Skyrim fan but have tracked down move controllers and the idea of wielding a sword seems too good to resist). Also have yet to try some of the VR Worlds games and if I can put my crippling fear to one side Resident Evil 7. Also would like to give Everybodys Golf VR a go at some point.

By far though the best experience I have had so far is the excelleRead More – Source


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