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Halo Infinite

Microsoft delivered a new trailer for Halo Infinite (Picture: Microsoft)

Todays inbox reacts to Microsofts packed E3 conference briefing, as readers also spill their thoughts on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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PLEASE NOTE: The main GameCentral team are away at E3 in L.A. all this week, reporting back on the news and previews as they happen. That means the skeleton crew are crafting the Inbox, so, as usual, therell only be one per day. The skeleton crew only have a limited amount of time to prepare the Inbox so please send in your emails as soon as possible each day or there risks being no Inbox at all this week.

Staying Sony

Lots of exciting third party games at the Microsoft E3 briefing. But not enough in the way of first party or next gen stuff for me to consider jumping ship from Sony. But I guess E3 next year will be far more revealing.

Two things stuck out for me. Firstly game pass is just getting stronger and stronger. Its already a bargain but to announce games like Metro Exodus and Hollow Knight are now available and that a game like Outer Worlds will launch on the service take it to a new level.

Currently Im rocking a gaming PC and PlayStation 4 Pro. Think Ill go with a PS5 and PC next gen and get all my Microsoft first party games on game pass now its on PC.

Second was Cyberpunk 2077 release date. I guess it needs to release on current gen to recoup its development cost. But releasing seven or so months before the next gen I hope we see a next gen version at launch. I feel playing that game on the current gen will be a little compromised.

Simundo Jones

SC: A next-gen version of Cyberpunk 2077 feels pretty much confirmed at this point. Microsofts conference didnt feel like the home-run many perhaps expected though.

Jedi: Improving Order

Hi GC,

Ive just watched the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay video from your article. I have played through The Force Unleashed 1 & 2 and Battlefront 2 and at first I thought this was just more of the same but I must say the combat looks like a major improvement – more Dark Souls-y.

I really liked Respawns Titanfall 2 single player so I am looking forward to this. Bruce Wayne from Gotham was a good choice too

Johnny Alpha SD
Currently playing Battlefield V story campaign and Elite Dangerous

SC: The trailer shown in Microsofts conference looked far more promising so were clinging onto hope still, and Titanfall 2. Well always cling to Titanfall 2.

Take a bow, Keanu

While I dont think Microsoft hit it out the park by any stretch, I thought they had enough new games to warrant getting excited about the Xbox, even if we still havent seen many from all the studios theyre buying.

Im fascinated by the Blair Witch reboot, although I was more excited it was a new Outlast before the movies name came up. Halo Infinite, Gears 5, and Ninja Theorys Bleeding Edge all look great too.

It was surprising how few surprises there were though, with most things having leaked months in advance. At least we have Keanu Reeves though, which will go down as the best celebrity appearance at E3.


SC: Keanu Reeves managed to avoid the cringe trap plagued by celebrities at E3. Hes a true miracle.

All the Rage

I was going to write in to say how much I was enjoying Rage 2 despite the mediocre reviews.

That was until my last save game wiped out my vehicle, I had just finished the base where you get the second nano augmentation.

I saved my game outside the base and when I reloaded to play again my vehicle was nowhere in sight, but there were now two of the rolla type cars inside the base. Loading the autosaves didnt help, I seem to have lost the truck I started with permanently.

This is a major bug, I know I could just start over but whats the point when I dont know if the next save game is going to load my vehicle.

Ive been back to the starting point but theres no sign of it Im gutted really.


Days Gone, not wasted

Hi GC,

Recently purchased Days Gone and to be honest Im finding it pretty good despite all the average reviews its had.

I have certainly played far worse games and I started gaming back in the Atari 2600 days, I have high hopes for the expected sequel as lets not forget the original Uncharted wasnt that great of a game. In fact, some would probably say it was mediocre at best but the sequels that followed it were superb, and of course we had The Last of Us from the same studio, so heres hoping.

Mr B

Nintendo, to the rescue?

After seeing Microsoft and Bethesdas underwhelming conferences, Im now pinning all hope on Ubisoft and Nintendo to deliver some genuine exciting surprises.

Dont get me wrong, Im excited for Cyberpunk 2077 and Doom Eternal, and the new game by Tango Gameworks looks interesting. But it feels like were at that weird transitional period where were very far away from the Read More – Source


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