Come on now! Lets not be dissing Leons attaché case in Resident Evil 4! Yes, I did just remember how to do accented es! And yes, I am going to use it as much as possible in a single letter!

I thought that managing the attaché case was an OCD gamers wet dream, speaking as one myself. Making sure to maximise the storage space, using each little square – recoiling in horror at those stored herbs on their side, or even worse! Upside down! What kind of monster would do something like that?! I personally stacked ammunition on their side, ammo logo on the left-hand side as grenades and herbs were stacked the right way up.

It always bothered me that there was only so much of something that could be put into one stack before it started another. Like, you could only have 50 rounds of 9mm bullets before another stack automatically started. Weapons had to be stacked with the handle on the left and the barrel pointing towards the right. It was very important, okay!

Oh, and the moments when the Merchant sells you attaché case upgrades! More squares to work with! Ah, be still my beating heart! It was always heartbreaking to have to ditch something whenever something really great came along – like when you find the rocket launcher or shoot dead a huge fish that will heal you back to full health from the very brink of death.

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