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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – will you be getting it?

The morning Inbox sees further domination ahead for Red Dead Online, as one reader is already sick of the Smash Bros. theme tune.

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Saying sorry

With everyone upset about the Black Ops 4 microtransactions I think the thing I liked best about the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct is that the guy from Nintendo was almost apologising for having to ask for more money for DLC. I mean its perfect reasonable for them to do it because its pretty obvious this isnt withheld content (they cant even promise the pre-order bonus till February!) but they actually admitted that asking for money for a season pass before you knew what was in it was kind of unfair.

Theyre going to do it anyway but its that kind of honest that makes a real difference in my opinion. Activision gaming the system from the start and then sneaking in microtransactions after the reviews have hit is so underhand it completely puts me off buying the game. Nintendos attitude though actually attracts me to a game I was kind of on the fence about.

I know its super popular but Ive always felt that Smash Bros. was a lot more divisive amongst Nintendo fans, so Ill be curious to know whether the lack of big name games this year will be pushing more people towards it. I know Ill be getting it despite not being a big fan of the previous games, so I wonder if others will be the same?


Gotta agree that was a pretty weak Nintendo Direct. I mean, did it really need to be 40 minutes long when it managed to waste time telling you there were brightness controls? Or that you could turn the volume of the sound effects down. The single-player did look good, the SoulCalibur approach, if thats what it was, does make sense to me and I certainly dont want a return to the vapid Subspace Emissary.

Like the other reader, Im not convinced about spirits though as it sounds like the sort of thing youll constantly being unlocking and then cant be bothered to switch on because you get so many so often. Thats only a guess of course but thats how the Direct made it seem.

And of course I dont think anyone cares about Ken and some pokémon so I dont know why they chose to end on those two, considering how good some of the other reveals have been. Its a shame because the game does look great, so I hope this wont adversely affect it.

Lessons unlearnt

Do publishers not learn? Look at the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 progression system. This needs urgent attention, its ridiculous. Surely the Star Wars: Battlefront II saga has not resonated with Activision. We as a community need to stop this greed and exploitation.

Activision are just milking people for money, primarily young vulnerable people who want the next shiny camo or to get the gun their friends have. Next will be guns that are only available via purchase. Come on people, lets pressure the U-turn like we did with EA. But then theres no Disney to tell Activision to sort themselves out…
Ooohhh yeahhh (gamertag/PSN ID)



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Middle generation

Cant say Im too surprised the Classic Mini N64 didnt get announced as it seems much too close to Christmas. The lack of any Banjo-Kazooie news also doesnt seem good for the hopes of any deal with Microsoft. I also have to agree that that era of 3D graphics has not aged well.

I think the N64 has fared better than the PS1, which was already looking really bad even by the PlayStation 2, but despite all the famous games I really feel like that whole generation was more of an interim until 3D graphics became more advanced and I really dont think they aged well.

I always figured thats why there were so many remasters from that era and that they arent really necessary from the PlayStation 3 onwards (not that that stops some companies). Im sure the PlayStation Classic, and N64 if it exists, will do well in terms of nostalgia but Id be very surprised if anyone played any of the games for more than half an hour each.

A year or two

I was having a look at the current state of mid-range TVs the other day to see if some of the snazzier tech was filtering down into that price bracket. Although not quite there yet it does look like when the next gen starts it just might be.

You can currently buy the Samsung 55NU8000 for £769. Its a well-regarded gaming set with low input lag but lacks local dimming and the peak brightness of the QLED range to provide really exceptional HDR images. It seems youll still need to spend around £1,200 – £1,500 for that.

But still Im hopeful in a couple of years Ill be playing Cyberpunk 2077 on a mid-range TV that has far more of the specs you currently see on the high end panels.
Simundo Jones

Era skipping

I purchased a mini SNES last year and its fantastic as the graphics are timeless, 2D big beautiful sprites but I cant be the only one who is not particularly excited about the prospect of a classical PlayStation or N64 mini? The early 3D graphics are so muddy looking as to make most of the games from that era almost unplayable now (with Zelda: Majoras Mask, Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, and Super Mario 64 being possible exceptions).

I also did not want a mini NES for similar reasons, as apart from the Mario games most of them are mere curiosities (how long are you really going to play Balloon Fight for?!). Theyd be better skipping to mini GameCube and PlayStation 2, as I think thats when 3D graphics got to a point where they did not affect the gameplay.

Ultimate annoyance

Oh no, no, no! I thought having to listen to Heat FM in the factory at work was bad but that World of Light song from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is just painfully awful!

R.I.P trophies.
Fatys Henrys



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Online cowboys

Im really getting the feeling that Fallout 76 is going to be a bit of a disaster. I havent heard anyone say anything positive about it and after all the talk of new graphics its pretty obvious its just the same old one being reused yet again, for a multiplayer game nobody asked for.

I think its going to end up being steamrollered by Red Dead Online, which is coming out this month as well. Basically Rockstar are giving us a couple of weeks to beat the single-player and the going straight into the multiplayer to keep people busy after that.

Its clever marketing, youve got to give them that, and I think its going to keep everyone else out of the loop. I mean, when the choice is between Just Cause 4 and online cowboys I dont see that anyone else gets a look in.

Inbox also-rans

Theres a free demo of Tetris Effect on PSN store and its really rather far too enjoyable in VR. One has to confess that this might join my two other favourite VR games of the year. Moss and the sublime Astro Bot.

Please find enclosed an Amazon discount code for Black Ops 4 and FIFA 19 that I wont use.

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This weeks Hot Topic

Its Halloween this week, so the subject for this weekends Inbox is whats the scariest enemy youve ever had to deal with in a video game?

The enemies dont necessarily have to be from a horror game, just as long as theyve scared you – either now or when you were younger. What was it about them that made them so frightening and do you think they worked as the developer intended or was it a happy (or unhappy) accident?

What makes for truly scary enemies and whats the most important part of their design? Is it their visuals, sound, abilities, back story, or something else? Do you like playing scary games and will you be playing any this week?

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