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Eternal Champions - probably not in line for a reboot

Eternal Champions – probably not in line for a reboot

A reader names four classic games hed love to see get a sequel, reboot, or remake… and he may be in luck with more than one of them.

1. Serious Sam

This is without a doubt my favourite first person shooter. Its simple, no boring story, no annoying side characters, no silly restrictions like only two weapons at a time; it was an amazing fun game based on the fact you had many weapons and there were many, many enemies rushing you in large open areas. Most notably the screaming headless bombers, a terrifying sight to see rushing toward you over the dunes!

Maybe Im behind the times but multiplayer doesnt do it for me, levels like the last one on Serious Sam (before the last boss) where youre basically in a long, large corridor where you can see a giant horde of enemies running towards you and you cant go backwards… thats fun!

(Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass is supposedly out this year, although we confess weve never seen it in person – GC)

2. Eternal Champions

Beat em-ups have had a resurgence as of late, but its difficult for newcomers trying to get into Guilty Gear, Mortal Kombat, and even Street Fighter. The stories are convoluted, theres characters youve no idea about as its the 11th in the series, and techniques youve no idea about… I suggest a breath of fresh air with Eternal Champions.

On the Mega Drive it had a simple story: people through time who were killed unfairly are given a second chance to go back and right that wrong. Its a simple story, to get a great varied cast of characters together. Special moves were varied and involved a charging meter, one that could be knocked back – a simple mechanic Ive not seen anywhere else. Cyborgs fighting vampires and warlocks fighting fishmen is far more interesting than ninjas fighting other ninjas or a martial artist fighting a martial artist with fire.

3. Lucifer's Call

A Shin Megami Tensei title, this was on the PlayStation 2 but sadly I think went under the radar. Whilst playing Persona 5 recently I couldnt help think of this game, my first MegaTen game. I loved it from the start. It was difficult, no hand-holding, and a Japanese role-playing game with a modern setting. It had simple yet at times striking visuals and a story that went nowhere I expected. I only hope with the popularity of Persona now this somehow, someday gets a look in for a remake. With its simple graphical style I dare say it wouldnt need much tweaking.

(Lucifers Call, known as Nocturne in the U.S., was essentially Shin Megami Tensei III. Shin Megami Tensei V is currently in development for Switch and is confirmed to have a modern day setting. That doesnt mean itll have any direct connection to Lucifers Call, but it sounds more promising than the disappointing Shin Megami Tensei IV – GC)

4. Light Crusader


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