A giant mechanical dragon caught on fire Friday during the daily Festival of Fantasy parade at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

Typically, the giant dragon float from the movie “Sleeping Beauty” shoots smoke from its nostrils and fire from its mouth in a great pyrotechnic display. But a YouTube video shows the dragons head first catch fire and then start smoking and then really start blazing with no special effects involved.


A handful of photos and videos posted on social media show just how crazy the whole incident looked to visitors in the kingdom.

The maleficent float was on fire today at disney world (apparently completely destroyed too). The similar float is my favorite thing at Paris why am I so emotional about this pic.twitter.com/83Z1eoHTsm

— Susanna (@Zuzky) May 11, 2018

During a parade at Walt Disney World, the head of The Maleficent dragon, a mechanical float in the Festival of Fantasy parade, caught on fire. https://t.co/FMCFw3Q6Ba pic.twitter.com/ARyV87tlc6

— WPLG Local 10 News (@WPLGLocal10) May 11, 2018

BREAKING! Thank you Holly Roberge for sharing these photos! Maleficent caught on fire at Disney. Everyone is ok! #disney #disneyparks pic.twitter.com/NBMjxzaY0v

— Mackintosh Travels (@mack_travels) May 11, 2018

During todays performance of Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade at the Magic Kingdom, the head of the Maleficent dragon float caught on fire. From what Ive heard, no cast members or guests were hurt during this incident and the fire was put out quickly. pic.twitter.com/NsMGPprTrG

— Whatintheworld (@WhatintheDworld) May 11, 2018

One of my favorite things at Disney World catching on fire might be a metaphor for my week… Maleficent dragon. https://t.co/q0tHVVrk88 pic.twitter.com/Zc47gmMA2u

— Daisy Ruth (@daisyruth24) May 11, 2018

Well, that wasnt supposed to happen! Maleficents dragon caught on fire during this afternoons parade at Disneys Magic Kingdom. Thankfully no one was hurt, and the theme park says the flames were “quickly extinguished.”

STORY: https://t.co/YHIIkz4Ezw pic.twitter.com/XkoCuh4VK1

— WSVN 7 News (@wsvn) May 11, 2018

When someone tells you to stay calm. #festivaloffantasy #magickingdom #dragon #maleficent #fire #disneyworld pic.twitter.com/w7Sfa3js9q

— Alyssa (@alyssa_hendy) May 11, 2018

Park officials said no one was hurt in the blaze and the fire was extinguished relatively quickly after it started.

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