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Games Inbox: What was the best playable demo at E3?

Resident Evil 2 – hands-on the best

The evening Inbox wants to see Microsoft and Nintendo working more closely together, as one reader asks after Square Enixs Avengers.

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Hands-off demo

Theres been a lot of talk about what was the best game at E3, with GC joining many in saying Cyberpunk 2077. But thats a kind of a cheat really, isnt it? Nobody but the developer could play the game and most of the other games were the same way. To the point where it seems Sony might even have been lying about whether The Last Of Us Part II was playable or not.

So my question is what was the best playable game of E3? We ordinary mortal cant really tell that so I guess from your previews its probably either Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Is that right? I mean its a well-honed game that apparently was all the rage on Twitter so I guess it makes sense that it would be the most fun.

I have to be honest I do resent not being able to see the 50-minute Cyberpunk 2077 demo, but Im more upset that nobody but CD Projekt got to play it. If previews are going to be like that they might as well just have pre-recorded livestreams like Nintendo and Square Enix did. Because really, youre not learning anything more but just having someone play it at you, are you?

GC: Wed have to say Resident Evil 2. Smash Bros., Overcooked 2, and Spider-Man were fun too but Capcoms remake was the best surprise, in terms of just how good it was.


Microsoft and Nintendo cosying up together over cross-play is starting to gather momentum. The exchange on Twitter with Nintendo stating lets build something together implies something more than Minecraft. A game collaboration of some sort perhaps? Banjo-Kazooie, or dare I dream a GoldenEye remake for Xbox and Switch? On the other hand they could be just trolling Sony.

During E3, when asked, Phil Spencer reiterated that even if Xbox was in the lead he would sanction cross-play. And you know what, I believe him. Sony are going to have to buckle eventually because the pressure is mounting. Sony are in serious danger of undoing all the goodwill created at the beginning of the generation. Their tag line of being 4 the Players is starting to look rather disingenuous.

GC: Lets build is clearly a Minecraft-focused slogan, but its true the two of them have rarely been on better terms.

Surprisingly possible

Now that we live in a world where two console manufacturers join together to promote a cross-play gaming experience, and produce a joint advertisement, I want a few things to come from it:

1. Rare Replay on Switch – dont care if they take out the Xbox games just leave me with the Nintendo hits.
2. Allow the N64 Rare games to appear on the (hopefully inevitable) N64 Classic Mini.
3. Banjo-Kazooie to appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because it would be amazing (maybe Conkers too).

Not too much to ask I think.



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No horse race

So apparently Microsoft have confirmed theyre not planning any VR support for Xbox – how does everyone feel about this? Me, Im fine with it, as I dont have a horse in this VR race and cant see it becoming widespread with the technology currently available. There is still too high a percentage who feel unwell playing VR at the moment to make it potentially mass market.

I still hear things on occasion about PlayStation VR (and there was… one title as part of Sonys E3 presentation?) but havent heard much about games for Oculus or Vive for ages. Are they still happening?

There was that Tetris game announced recently, but whos going to hand over all that money to play Tetris in VR, it seems its just the converts that would actually get it and preaching to them isnt going to help VR expand.

GC: Sony had lots of PlayStation VR games at E3 and games come out for Oculus and Vive all the time – such as todays Portal tech demo.

Tweet Hearts

How on earth did Kingdom Hearts III become the second most talked about game at E3? I havent heard anyone talk about it, either at E3 or otherwise. I guess that probably says something about the sort of people that use Twitter a lot but I still wouldve thought itd be more mainstream than that.

Or maybe Im completely out of the loop and Kingdom Hearts III is the most anticipated game of the year. Im pretty sure its not though and its just obsessed fans getting over excited. I know the loudest voices can hid the fact that not many people are talking but this does seem one of the odder examples of that to me.
PS: Did you play the game at E3?

GC: We did play it briefly, yes. Were not fans of the series but this did show some hope of being an improvement, with better and more varied combat. The graphics are also very impressive.

Baby girl

Isnt it nice to see so many people talking about The Last Of Us, each with a clear vision of how they would have liked it to end and how they would like Part II to be.

Im very much in the camp of wanting a choice of endings to the first game. I purposely didnt kill a single Firefly in the final level and would have let Ellie be sacrificed for the greater good.

But what is good about the ending we have is that Joel knows what hes done is wrong, he knows that Ellie wouldnt forgive him. But its true to his character that he couldnt freely make any other choice.

My vision is in making the logical choice. Joel would have been broken and it would have been a very bleak ending for him and an uncomfortable watch for the player.

As for the tone of The Last Of Us Part II, Ellie, after David and if she loses Joel, Tommy and Maria, would be a very damaged girl. I would like to see the story brighten as it goes on, have her discover hope and love again. But even if it doesnt Im confident they can weave an interesting story.

Oh and if there is a scene where Ellie calls her girlfriend baby girl I will have a big smile on my face… and if Ellie says it to her as shes dying, a tear in my eye.

Oxenfree pass

After picking it up for £3.99 in an eShop sale this past week I started and finished Oxenfree on Switch and came away disappointed. I enjoy narrative games but the story and characters have to be really engaging for me to enjoy it. I realised around halfway through that my mind was wandering whilst I was playing, which is never a good thing when story is the main thing about the game.

The painted art style looked lovely but I didnt think the story was told very well, it is important that you get attached to your group of friends but I didnt find any of them particularly interesting enough to do so.

With it only being a short game I pressed on until the end and the ending I got didnt make much sense to me. Glad I played it but I dont think I will be checking out there next game.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)



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Quick recommendation

Just wanted to point everyone in the direction of the return of Summer Games Done Quick starting this Sunday. For those who dont know, its a speed running marathon for charity that runs 24 hours a day for the whole of next week featuring amazing exhibitions of skill, intriguing uses of glitches and good old-fashioned races between crazy talented gamers.

I would especially recommend it to people like me who cant understand the appeal of watching streamers play games on YouTube and still arent really sure what Twitch is. This is because the event is really well run with a laid back and fun atmosphere. It is also very accessible to newcomers as every run is accompanied by a detailed commentary explaining all the neat tips and tricks that the runners are using.

I always leave a stream running in the background throughout the day and am constantly surprised to find myself fascinated by speedruns of games that I wouldnt usually be interested in playing myself.

Please give it a go and take the time to donate to a worthy cause, you might be surprised by what you end up watching!
Ooccoo Jr.

Inbox also-rans

My most disappointing no-show at E3 was definitely Square Enixs Avengers game. They even said it would be at E3 when they first announced, but it didnt even get mentioned!

I was on holiday all last week and completely forgot about E3. I guess Ive got some catching up to do…

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