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(Epic Games)

Epic Games has revealed the final teaser image ahead of the season 6 update tomorrow.

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The three pictures that have been posted on Fortnite social media all show characters that are likely to be featured in the new Battle Pass.

Other new features that are likely to be added tomorrow include new items and map locations.

The final image shows a menacing-looking wolf character and once again it includes a picture of the cube.

(Epic Games)

When is the Fortnite season 6 release date?

Epic Games has revealed that season 6 of the game will launch tomorrow on Thursday 27 September.

What is being added to the game?

Developers have remained pretty quiet about what fans can expect to see change this season but a few hints have been given so far.

Two images have been released on Fortnite social media so far to give ideas of what is coming up in the new update.



In the past they have shown the new character skins that will be available in the new Battle Pass and it seems like this is no different.

The first image is of a DJ llama with the phrase All great parties need a DJ and it is likely to be one of the additions to the season 6 Battle Pass, possibly as the first unluckable item.

(Epic Games)

Some players suspect that it could be one of the new customizable character for the new season in a similar way to Ragnarok and Drift in season 5.

The second image was released yesterday and shows a woman dressed in a cowgirl outfit and just says Saddle up!.

A wild-west theme has been speculated in previous seasons and it could be possible that it is one of the focuses of season 6, but its just as likely that it is just a random new skin addition.

Some players suspect that the hats for the two skins could be customisable as the potential for it was spotted by dataminers a couple of months ago.

Other potential customisable items that could be added include map markers, ATK designs and even weapon designs.

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