When it comes to fashion, simplicity is key. A classic knit vest is a wardrobe staple. Not only is it flattering, but it also makes a statement with subtle details. You don’t need to go for over the top trends – you can opt for classic black and white or a simple striped sweater. For accessories, consider a belt. An understated belt in a neutral color can add a touch of pizazz.

The colors of a classic understated outfit are neutrals, like gray or black, and they are often accompanied by minimal jewelry or makeup. They typically avoid flashy logos and over-accessorizing. They also strive to avoid patterned or shiny fabrics. Instead, choose pieces that will last for a long time. They also keep their clothes free of wrinkles and keep their hair and nails styled.

Mixing metals

When it comes to styling a space, mixing metals is a great way to create visual interest. Many people stick with one metal color when they are mixing metals, but mixing different colors of metal is actually an excellent way to create a chic modern look. While this isn’t a look for everyone, it does have several advantages.

Creating a look with mixed metals isn’t as difficult as you might think. It doesn’t necessarily have to be as intuitive as traditional metal matching, but following some basic guidelines can help you look great with mixed metals.

Metals come in warm and cool tones, and combining them appropriately can bring a unified look to a room. Designer Ghislaine Vinas suggests using a hierarchy in order to avoid a jumbled appearance. For example, she suggests using brass for architectural features and doorknobs, while accessorizing with warm metals.

Mixing gold

For a sophisticated look, try mixing a gold necklace with a simple white T-shirt. A classic necklace will add an extra touch of class to your outfit, and it will complement any type of clothing. Try layering several necklaces, ranging from different lengths to different shades of gold. You can use a gold pendant to dress up a basic T-shirt, or you can go bold and layer several pieces to add an extra dimension.

When it comes to jewelry, skin tone plays a significant role. Warmer skin tones look best with jewelry in jewel tones like white, while cooler skin tones prefer gold or silver. Gold stands out more when worn with lighter hair, and silver complements cooler skin tones well. If your skin is more yellow, silver or bronze toned, gold is the perfect complement.

Rose gold jewellery is another excellent option for everyday wear. Rose gold jewellery adds a hint of playfulness, while mixing it with other metals will make you look more elegant and sophisticated. Rose gold is often worn as an accent color against other colours, and will work well with a simple white or silver dress.

Mixing cocktail dresses

Mixing cocktail dresses is an excellent way to express yourself. You can wear various accessories to complement your dress. A smile can be the most attractive accessory a woman can have. It’s always a good idea to wear your dress with confidence and style. However, remember that you should not wear a cocktail dress that is too low-cut.

A good way to add a pop of color to a black cocktail dress is to wear a red nail polish. Try to stay away from too bright red, though! You can add glitter to add a little extra sparkle. Also, make sure your lips and nails are clean and glossy. This will help your dress stand out from the crowd.

A black midi dress with a polka-dot pattern is a great choice for cocktail attire. It’s very versatile and can be dressed up with colorful pumps. Alternatively, you can choose a soft pink midi dress with playful ruffles and bow details. This style is perfect for cocktail weddings. You can also wear a colorful pair of pumps and sparkly jewelry.