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Overcooked 2 even has some free Christmassy DLC

Overcooked 2 even has some free Christmassy DLC

The morning Inbox argues that Red Dead Redemption II is not a great game, as one reader gets ready for 2B in SoulCalibur VI.

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PLEASE NOTE: Were currently preparing special content to run over the Christmas and new year break, and as usual wed like this to include a number of Readers Features. So if youve been meaning to write one but never got round to it, now would be the perfect time. The topic doesnt have to coincide with the time of year, just anything video game-related that youre interested in and which you think others might be too.

Game time

With the Christmas holidays almost upon us I am looking forward to an extended three week break from work. The terrible weather and dark days make for excellent gaming time. So I have decided to gorge on games for my three weeks off. I am going to start, and finish, a couple from my backlog, probably Titanfall 2 and Batman: Arkham Knight, and hopefully play a bit of Red Dead Redemption II and Divinity: Original Sin II, both of which I am getting for Christmas.

What I was wondering though is do you guys at GC play games over the holidays or are you glad of the break and looking forwards to the food and drink and maybe some box sets on the Gogglebox? Whatever you guys are up to I hope you enjoy your break and return,in the new year,fully energised as it is an extremely busy start to the new year.

GC: Well no doubt play some local multiplayer games: Overcooked 2, Super Mario Party, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the like. Maybe 100% a Lego game if we feel so inclined.

Speaking out

You know what, Im just going to come out and say it… I dont think Red Dead Redemption II is all that great. Sure its huge and the graphics are great, but I hate all the controls, the gameplay is clunky, and the missions are so on-the-rails I dont know why they just dont turn them into QTE sequences and be done with it.

Its not a bad game, clearly, and doing your own stuff in the open world is definitely the best part of the game but the story mission are just so boring. The plot is horribly drawn out, taking ages to get to every twist that you see coming a mile off. And while the dialogue is generally good it badly needs an editor.

If this was a movie, as it seems to want to pretend it is, it would be cut down to two hours and nothing would be lost. And as GCs review said it just all seems so old-fashioned compared to more recent open world games. That may be a victim of its long development time but it could equally be because Rockstar are too self-satisfied to want to bother to change anything. Definitely not my game of the year.

Keeping it going

So now that Fallout 76 is unquestionably a flop how long do we expect Bethesda to keep it running? Its a problem with online-only games Id never really considered before: if theyre not successful you cant just brush them under the carpet and forget about them youve got to pretend to want to support them for… I guess at least a year or two?

Itd take at least that to get the game to the point at where it should been at launch so you can only imagine what a thankless task thats going to be. I know Bethesda have only got themselves to blame but I cant help feeling sorry for them, especially if it starts having a knock-on effect on their other games.

I also wonder whats going to happen to games like Sea Of Thieves, which while not flops dont seem to have set the world on light. Its a big call to just switch it off after all that work. No wonder these games are so keen on microtransactions!



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2B Tuesday

I think a lot of people might have missed this the other day but 2B is going to be added to SoulCalibur VI this Tuesday (today, I guess, by the time you use this letter). I dont get the impression SoulCalibur VI did all that well but anything that helps promotes NieR:Automata is good in my book.

I hope it doesnt stop her chances of turning up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate though, because that would be even better. Although SoulCalibur itself probably wouldnt be a bad match for Smash Bros. itself.

Something big

Am I the only one that has zero interest in Kingdom Hearts III purely because I have no idea whats going on with the story? I tried to watch a YouTube video summing it all up and Ive heard conspiracy videos that made more sense, and definitely that were shorter.

With any other company Id assume they realise this is a problem and will treat it as a kind of soft reboot, especially as its been so long since the last one. But I get the feeling that is never going to happen. Maybe I should just accept its not for me, but the graphics and scale of the game intrigue me and I feel Im missing out on something big.

Big decisions

I agree its a shame that Battlefield V hasnt been a bigger hit but I wouldnt worry about DICE too much yet. They make all the tech for a lot of EAs other games and its been pretty heavily hinted that the next game is going to be Bad Company 3, which I think a lot of people are going to be a lot more interested in than the return to WWII.

The franchise is definitely at a recent low but I think a return to the modern day will be a good way to get back on track. Im curious to see what theyll do about the story mode. I agree that the Battlefield V ones are good but I dont most hardcore fans are interested and it must use up an awful lot of budget and time. Plus, Bad Company 3 presumably wouldnt be split up into little separate episodes? Or would it?

Theres a lot of thing theyve got to work out about how they want Battlefield to be in the future and I think the biggest one is whether its aimed at the mainstream or the more core crowd. I think its obvious Battlefield is never going to beat Call Of Duty and to me that means they shouldnt be scared to get a bit deeper. Well see how their Battle Royale mode goes down but I have my doubts even thatll make a difference.

Evil VR

Im sure you mentioned it somewhere but is there any chance that the Resident Evil 2 remake is going to have a VR mode? I realise its third person rather than first but I think Astro Bot and Moss prove that third person absolutely can work and in some ways is actually better.

I assume its not going to happen purely because its not profitable, and thats why other major publishers have shied away from it in the time since Resident Evil 7. But I love the VR in that so much Id love to see them continue their experiment.

GC: There dont seem to be any plans, sadly.



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Super Everything Bros.

So I just got to the twist in World of Light and… oh my! I cant believe how good this mode is, and its so long. Ive played Japanese role-players that were shorter than this, and its just one part of the whole game! The amount of fan service is utterly charming too. The recreation of Street Fighter II, in its own little side quest, is just fantastic and probably the highlight for me so far. Although even the boss battles have been good so far, which is another first for the series.

I am 100% sold on the spirits and cant believe anyone would want the trophies back instead of them. I just hope they add more spirits in with each DLC character. I assume they would as I imagine its going to create a new Persona category, and probably Xenoblade Chronicles or whatever.

I also hope they do far more than five DLC characters. The Street Fighter stuff really underlines how this is a celebration of all video games, or at least Japanese ones. Its a real shame that Square Enix didnt engage more but Id love to see retro series like Ghosts N Goblins, Contra, Gradius, and Chrono Trigger included. As well as all those old Sega games going to waste like OutRun, After Burner, and Skies Of Arcadia.

They could also do newer ones like Dark Souls, Resident Evil, NieR:Automata, Devil May Cry. After what Ive seen so far Id trust Smash with anything.

Inbox also-rans

It is impressive how Fortnite has done basically nothing to upset its fans. The tabloids might consider it a moral panic but for gamers it seems to be the least controversial famous game ever.

Id like to wish everyone at GameCentral, the readers, and everyone else a happy holidays and a peaceful gaming new year.
trollboff 97
PS: I am stoked by the news of Mortal Kombat 11. I shall sit here drooling until April.
PPS: Thanks for all your hard work.

GC: Thanks for your patronage.

This weeks Hot Topic

As the last Hot Topic before Christmas the subject for this weekends Inbox is what game have you enjoyed the most this year that wasnt released in 2018?

Well do our usual Readers Top 20 in the new year but what was your favourite game this year that came out before 2018? It can be from any time period, from this gen to the 8-bit era, but what did you enjoy the most and why?

How often do you play older games and was your favourite something youd played before, or was it perhaps part of a backlog? Or is it something you picked up for cheap and youre just now catching up on recent releases?

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