Alien Isolation - true horror

The only thing scarier than the alien is Disneys business execs

20th Century Foxs games division is about to be sold, putting games like Marvel Strike Force and Alien: Blackout in jeopardy.

Disney has never liked video games. They experimented a bit in the 90s, with the likes of the soon-to-be remastered Aladdin and The Lion King proving very popular at the time, but as gaming evolved Disney quickly lost interest.

Occasionally they published games themselves, or experimented with having their own in-house developers, but mostly they just farmed out their licences to other random companies – as theyre doing now with EA and Star Wars.

The wait for any decent Marvel tie-ins on consoles has gone on seemingly forever but although that has finally started to happen it doesnt seem to be translating to anything else.

Disney acquired FoxNet, 20th Century Foxs two-year-old game division, when they bought everything else to do with the company, but according to Bloomberg theyve already decided to sell it.



Who will buy it and what will happen to current games, such as the highly successful mobile title Marvel Strike Force – which raked in $150 million (£121m) in its first year – is unclear.

After mobile game Alien: Blackout, FoxNet was also working on a new Alien-themed shooter. But theres no indication on whether that will survive the sale.

Predator: Hunting Grounds should be safe though as its being published by Sony, as an exclusive, and is due out next year.



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