Destiny 3 new enemies, 12-player raid and more leaked ahead of release date announcement? (Pic: BUNGIE)

We're not even into Destiny 2's third year and already we're hearing about the future of the Bungie-developed franchise.

After severing ties with Activision last year, the studio plans to strike out on its own for the next iteration of the game – and no sooner did we start wondering how Bungie plans to achieve that than a new leak appeared, courtesy of 4chan.

The rumours (which were archived on less NSFL site ResetEra here) suggest the leaker has inside information from the studio and has been privy to Destiny 3's development cycle for some time.

The 4chan rumour revolves around talk of faction-oriented open-world – heavy in PvPvE elements, a Cabal-Fallen alliance (which could make for more enemy archetypes), a 12-player raid, and Aphelions and Calus making an appearance in Destiny 3.

Whilst some of this seems unlikely, another knowledable subject did weigh in with their opinions on the leaks…


That initial burst of 4chan information was extrapolated and merged with new information from proven Destiny leaker AnonTheNine – a leaker responsible for a variety of accurate leaks in the past.

Both rumours suggest Destiny 3 will cater to the more hardcore side of the audience, scratching the itch of players that want more of a challenge and more of a testing experience from the game.

AnonTheNine said (in a thread and comments that have now been deleted) that Destiny 3 will be "even more hardcore" and "push the RPG side of the game."

The leaker also revealed that the new race would be extraterrestrial threats arriving in those pyramid-shaped ships seen in Destiny 2's ending. They are "Astrodemons known only as the Veil. Their visual appearance is described as having dark greenish skin, sharp claws, and having a distinct stench of 'wet earth' as mentioned by Ada-1's mother in the lore entries brought with Black Armory. It is also worth noting that the Veil, being the true servants of the darkness are on an equal power level to guardians, if not stronger."

The new enemies are tied directly to the Traveler too, apparently.

"During the collapse, the god of the Veil was slain in a conflict with the light," the leaks note. "Since then, the Veil have been waiting for the Traveler to re-awaken so they can syphon its power to resurrect their dead god."


Obviously, these are all rumours – so don't take them at face value.

If elements of these leaks are true, though, when could we see them materialise?

Well, a Destiny 3 release date could be coming sooner than you think, after one industry analyst this week predicted a bright future foRead More – Source

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