The celebrity chef, who is married to NBA star Stephen "Steph" Curry, told CNN that she waits until Thanksgiving Day to start cooking. And a piece of advice, if you're invited, don't offer her any help."I'm very territorial when it comes to the kitchen, I like to spear head everything," Curry recently told CNN at the New York launch her recipes on Google Assistant. "I'm a bit of a control freak."Curry said this year's Thanksgiving will be more laid back due to her husband's hand injury that he sustained earlier this month."I wasn't initially cooking but our plans changed, Steph got injured so the silver lining underneath all of the trauma is that we get to be home for Thanksgiving, which is nice and now I am cooking," she said.Curry, who plays for the Golden State Warriors, will reportedly be out for three months due to the injury."It's going to end up being the smallest Thanksgiving we've ever had at home," Curry told CNN. "We typically average 16-plus and this year we have eight people. Everybody is spread out this year. People got married over the summer, so everybody is kind of doing their own thing."Although Curry likes to be in the drivers seat on Thanksgiving Day, she did reveal a bit of what's on their menu."We did a really nice brine last year at the restaurant with orange and clove, and so I'm going to do an orange and clove brine turkey again," she said. "I spatchcock it, so it cooks in an hour and a half. It's like, amazing."As for indulging her sweet tooth, she said, "I'm going do breadRead More – Source