An elderly woman with Alzheimer’s disease was raped on her bed by two young men in a horrific crime in the city of Paul in Dorset, England.

The 89-year-old grandmother lives in her house. She called her daughter and told her about the attack on her house.

She said she needed medical help, explaining that one of the young men who raped her on her chest, which led to her falling on her bed, before sexually assaulted her. Another young man was watching the crime and laughing.

The victim was taken to the police rape section and underwent physical examinations. “I was worried about her, especially about letting strangers into the house and being beaten and robbed,” said her daughter.

Her family confirmed that “no one broke into her house and was not robbed, but the criminals deliberately entered her house to rape her.”

“We have been able to get full information from the victim, but they are at risk, and because of their health, their reminders of things are limited,” Metro quoted investigator John Sainsbury as saying.

“We appreciate the painful incident of the victim, and we will continue our work to complete the investigation and support the grandmother.” The victim was unable to identify or accurately describe the two young men, so we still do not know how the criminals managed to enter the house.

The family indicated that they were seeking to find a safe place to live and help them overcome their ordeal.