60 percent of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 use online streaming services as their primary way to watch television, according to a report.

This year, Pew Research revealed that around “six-in-ten of those ages 18 to 29 (61%) say the primary way they watch television now is with streaming services on the internet, compared with 31% who say they mostly watch via a cable or satellite subscription and 5% who mainly watch with a digital antenna.”

The survey also discovered, “Other age groups are less likely to use internet streaming services and are much more likely to cite cable TV as the primary way they watch television.”

Pew Research also revealed that 59 percent of U.S. adults in general use cable television as their primary way of watching TV, 28 percent cited streaming services, and men are more likely than women to use online streaming.

“The survey marks the latest in a number of Pew Research Center findings that show how much the internet and apps have shifted people’s access pathways to media and some types of content in recent years,” proclaimed the report. “The internet, for example, is now closing in on television as a source of news in the U.S. A generation ago, television was far and away the dominant news source for Americans, but now, the internet substantially outpaces TV as a regular news source for adults younger than 50.”

The survey has since been included in Pew Research’s 17 striking findings from 2017 list.

In December, it was reported that subscriptions for cable television and Netflix were now “neck and neck,” while in June, a cable industry lobbyist claimed cable television is “failing” as more and more users switch to digital.

A March survey also revealed that 82 percent of children in “Netflix-only” homes didn’t know what television commercials were and 38 percent were completely unaware of the word.

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