Your partner pandering to your weird quirks is apparently the greatest act of love
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We’ve all got strange habits and quirks.

Some of us like need to have all cupboards closed and all doors kept open. Others want their potatoes chopped a certain way.

And those annoying preferences can often result in the odd domestic.

They just don’t seem to get why it’s so important to fully shut every drawer (namely because it’s impossible to relax seeing that annoying tiny gap between the drawer and cabinet, duh).

But according to one relationship expert, it’s in these annoying moments that we see romance at its best.

If your partner acts without understanding why, they’re doing so out of pure love.

Dr Laura Berman says that if you’ve ever been mega upset with your partner because they just ‘don’t get it’, it’s probably because they genuinely don’t.

‘Often the partner is like, “What’s the big deal?” and that feels like a slap in the face,’ she tells Popsugar.

Your partner pandering to your weird quirks is apparently the greatest act of love

‘So, even if they don’t know why every candle in the house has to match, if they facilitate and assist, that is an act of real love and romance because it shows that even if they don’t understand it or think it’s important, it’s important to you, so they’re engaging and investing in it.’

She says that real love is demonstrated by small acts of appreciation – closing drawers, or matching candles in this case, is so small and insignificant but by complying, you’re showing how much you care and value your significant other.

‘It’s really important that each of you take responsibility for the bar that you’re setting and the unnecessary stress that you’re creating,’ Dr Berman says.

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So next time you find yourself rolling your eyes at your partner’s stupid habits or whims, try getting involved instead.

Humouring someone you love doesn’t make you a pushover – it shows you care.

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