Weve got one episode left in Season Two of the CWs hit series “Riverdale,” and the show continues to be awesome.

Now, Ive been pretty clear in the past that I was a moron for initially hating this show, and yes, I still think some of the cheesy stuff goes a bit far.

But this show has a shocking amount of bloodshed, intrigue and plot twists to more-than makeup for its shortcomings. I was home yesterday because I was sick as a dog and finally was able to catch up on the latest episode, which is the final episode before the finale.

It was lit. We got riots, people being shot, people being killed, murders being unmasked and so much more. This is when “Riverdale” is at its best. Give me nothing but the carnage. (RELATED: REMEMBER WHEN I SAID RIVERDALE WAS AWFUL? THAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN A BAD CALL)

The Serpents are out for his blood. Stream the latest: https://t.co/O7FgiKFM0V #Riverdale pic.twitter.com/u8SXAmDKeN

— Riverdale (@CW_Riverdale) May 10, 2018

Also, Cheryl Blossom is a complete badass with her bow. Nothing was sweeter than watching her sling some arrows.

We need nothing but pure carnage and chaos in the finale. I want the town to burn down to the ground. I want it to be a complete bloodbath.

I thought I would hate this show, and I initially did. I was very wrong and an idiot for initially writing it off. I cant wait for the finale. Its going to be lit, and I have a feeling the body count isnt over. If the CW managed to snag a beer-drinking, football-loving blogger as a fan, then I say they did something right.

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