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Characters in Apex Legends

Apex Legends – one of the best games of 2019 is free-to-play

GameCentral readers turn in a half year report for video games, praising everything from Devil May Cry 5 to Tetris 99.

Since were just over the halfway point of the year the subject for this weekends Inbox was what has been your favourite new game of 2019? How many new games have you bought this year and do you think any of them will go down as all-time classics?

If there was a consensus it was that most people werent really sure what to make of 2019 so far, with an underwhelming – but not disastrous – first half and a very promising second half. However, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was by far the top choice as game of the year so far.

No purchase necessary

Ive barely bought any new games this year, as I havent been very impressed/tempted by much of what Ive seen. However, there is one new game Ive really enjoyed: Apex Legends. Its free-to-play, as Im sure you know, and yet has been a lot more fun than anything Ive paid normal money for in years. Of course I have spent money on it now, especially the excellent new season 2 pass, but Im totally okay with that and to be honest wouldve felt a built guilty about it if I hadnt at this point.

Obviously there are a lot of battle royale games around at the moment but Apex Legends is better because its basically Fortnite but with better gameplay and without the stupid building stuff, which personally I could never get on with. Its not original but it does make good on the original idea by doing everything better than the ones that invented it.

I know numbers have been down since launch but I think that season 2 will see a rise in interest again as people realise that Respawn are in it for the long haul and that this really is one of the best games around right now.

Hordes of fans

I know it wasnt to everyones liking but my favourite game this year has been Days Gone. I realise open world zombies isnt really pushing the medium forward, or whatever, but I have to say I loved it. Good graphics, the horde concept worked really good for me, and there was plenty of variety.

I get the complaint that the hordes dont come into it much until the end, which is a bit odd as theyre not really a threat either unless you go after them or bump into them accidentally, but for me that was the only real flaw.

The game did well so I assume a sequel is going to be coming next gen and Im all for that. Nothing much else has grabbed me this year as Im not into Dark Souls or Devil May Cry and it all seems to have been a bit quiet beyond that. I might pick up Rage 2 when its on cheap though, which Im sure wont be long.
Purple Ranger

Game related

I say Crackdown 3 has been the best game of the year! No, only joking. Of course. I wouldnt say 2019 has been good or bad really yet. It barely seems to have started to be honest, despite being half over, and while there have been a few good games it certainly doesnt show any signs of being a classic year or anything.

Personally, my favourite has been Outer Wilds, which I found to be a really clever adventure game that reminded me of old 16-bit classics like Damocles. For anyone that hasnt played it, its all based around a time loop thats kind of similar to Majoras Mask where instead of changing things youre just figuring out clues and eventually working out how to solve everything.

Its part of the Xbox One Game Pass so if it sounds like something you wouldnt normally give a go to its completely free that way. In fact, come to think of it, Game Pass is probably the best game-related thing theres been this year. Even if its not an actual game.



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Maybe its just because theyve been quite recent but the games Ive enjoyed most are Cadence Of Hyrule and Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night. Neither are exactly mainstream but theyre based on very mainstream franchises but doing in an unusual, indie way. I dont know if thats working out for them in terms of sales but I definitely enjoyed them.

Bloodstained is definitely the best Castlevania Ive played since Symphony Of The Night and I love the amount of effort theyve put into it with all the different moves and weapons. Theres lots and lots of nods to the real Castlevania games but it doesnt go overboard and its not just a remake or clone.

Cadence Of Hyrule is completely different to regular Zelda games, despite looking similar from screenshots. The rhythm action style combat is not like anything Ive played before and I love how the theme goes all the way through the game, with instrument-playing boss characters and everything. Really great games and, as a special bonus, less than normal price.

Totally a fan

As a primarily PC gamer nowadays Ive been playing Total War: Kingdoms a lot the last few weeks and Im really enjoying it. I have played previous Total War games but never been that sold on them, but this one has really grabbed me. Partly its because I know nothing about Chinese history but also the bigger focus on characters – who seem to wild to be made up but apparently arent – and more action like battles have really drawn me in.

I hear its been a much bigger hit than usual, presumably because China has caught onto it, and that makes me glad. I always love strategy games and it seems like theyve had a bit of a rise in interest in recent years. Definitely interested in John Wick Hex and Phoenix Point after GCs previews and maybe theyll end up being my favourites instead!

Year of remakes

I dont know whether to consider this a bad thing or not but the games Ive enjoyed most this year have both been remakes: Resident Evil 2 and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. Im not one to defend remasters much but if theyre of this quality I think I could play remakes of famous games like this all the time.

Classics like this deserve to be kept modernised and playable and if they hadnt been updated then they wouldve been eventually forgotten and any younger player going back to them wouldve found it hard to understand why they were popular. I think its a great idea.


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