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Gran Turismo Sport - half a good game

Gran Turismo Sport – youve never had it so good

A reader looks back at four decades of being a gamer and explains why he thinks this generation of consoles is the best.

Looking back over my time with video games, from the early days with the Binatone TV master to the present day, there have been many different eras.

Each generation offered something new to the games you could play. The step up in sound, colour, and power was always something to get excited about and so each generation seemed magical.

The ZX81/Spectrum were amazing and I have so many memories of playing multiplayer with my friends at the weekends. Happy, carefree days.

For sheer wow factor, the Mega Drive was just something else. It was also the first console that I took home at Christmas so the family could play it.

So if asked about my favourite generation, I would immediately look to the past and start putting them into some sort of order, but I now no longer need to do this. The current generation is my favourite as it is the first to begin to live up to my dreams of an amazing game world some 40 years ago.



From text-based adventure games (look on YouTube if you want to see how basic these games were, I still spent hours on them though) on the ZX Spectrum to Skyrim VR, where you are in the world interacting with giant characters.

Monster Maze 3D to Resident Evil 7 VR, one of the most nerve-wracking games I have ever played.

I could go on but the game that really has done it for me is Gran Turismo Sport. I love this game. Online it is the best racer I have ever played and the PlayStation 4 puts out graphics, sound and gameplay that just meld into a brilliant experience.

So what I have tried to say is that the current generation has all the excitement, wonder and most importantly fun of any other I have experienced. From watching my elder sister scream at the Kitchen demo on VR to showing non-gamers Beat Saber, then not getting a go as they had a Jedi moment and had to have one more go!

It has me really looking forward to the next generation as well, where I think eSports interest will rise. I now hardly watch any sport on TV, it just isnt interesting enough.

Best company would be Sony, variety of games, and VR. I also think that over the years they have taken more risks in gaming to get my cash and I appreciate that.

I do like Microsofts Xbox strategy with older games. I have just got Full Spectrum Warrior on the Xbox One X and it looks really good for an older game. I just think they lost focus for the first few years and never caught up.



I just love playing video games and spending a bit of time reflecting on this has been really good.

By reader Zip

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