Originating from our wondrous city, the Greenwich Mean Time was created so travellers would be able to tell the time all over the world as long as they knew what the GMT time was and what to add or minus from that time.

GMT watches were developed for aviation purposes and their brilliance lies not in complexity but in simple ingenuity. GMT watches have two hands displaying the time in a 12-hour format and an adjustable 24-hour hand. Those who use GMT watches typically use it to know their local time zone and another non-GMT time. Many GMT wristwatches feature a rotating 24 hour bezel which can even be used to track a third time zone with the right amount of math.

Why you should wear one?

  • Great for frequent travellers; with a function of setting two time zones
  • It doubles as a compass if you set the GMT hand to local time and locate it towards the sun. The marker will point north for the northern hemisphere or south for the southern hemisphere.
  • GMT watches tend to allow for more colourful accents, e.g., bicolour bezels and accentuated second hour hands.

Where to buy one

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