CONTEMPT (105 minutes) PG

This sumptuous 1963 adaptation of a novel by Alberto Moravia is the closest that Jean-Luc Godard came to emulating the Hollywood masters of melodrama on his own tricky terms. The plot takes place behind the scenes of a film of The Odyssey, where artistic clashes add to the tensions between the young screenwriter (Michel Piccoli) and his wife (Brigitte Bardot). Digitally projected. ACMI, Sat 9 June 7.15pm and Sun 10 June 5.30pm.

Scene from the Korean film Believer.

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SHAME (103 minutes) M

The relationship between a couple (Liv Ullmann and Max von Sydow) is destroyed by war in Ingmar Bergman's 1968 drama, which avoids political specifics but feels as if it could happen just about anywhere in the world at any time. This is one of Bergman's most sheerly devastating films, which by his standards is saying a lot. Screens as part of the "Stalking Tarkovsky" season. Digitally projected. ACMI, Sun 10 June, 6pm.

Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett and Awkwafina in Ocean's 8.



HEREDITARY (128 minutes) MA

An extremely promising debut from the American writer-director Ari Aster, this intense horror film about a troubled family uses some familiar genre tropes as building blocks to create a uniquely oppressive mood. Toni Collette, as the mother, does some of the most disturbing facial contortions this side of Laura Dern in Inland Empire. General.

OCEAN'S 8 (110 minutes)

Directed by Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) this all-female spin-off of Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven lacks Soderbergh's visual wit but still manages to freshen up the caper formula. Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett head a new band of thieves, with Anne Hathaway as their target and Rhianna and Helena Bonham-Carter among their accomplices. General.

Milly Shapiro, left, and Toni Collette in Hereditary.

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BELIEVER (124 minutes) MA

Directed by Hae-young Lee (The Silenced), this Korean remake of the 2012 Hong Kong action thriller Drug War is more sprawling and highly-coloured than the terse original, but slick entertainment in its own right. The plot involves a veteran cop (Cho Jin-Woong) and a fresh-faced young hoodlum (Ryoo Joon-Yeol) who join forces to take down an elusive drug lord. Selected.

Brigitte Bardot, Jack Palance, and Michel Piccoli in Contempt.

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