The season premiere, which aired Tuesday night, expanded the show's world with the addition of a slew of new characters, including two who gave viewers a peek at a surprising new time period via a flash forward. Here's your rundown of the new blood:

Rebecca's dad, Dave

Tim Matheson suited up for a scene that took Jack and Rebecca to a fancy meet-the-parents dinner. Spoiler alert: Jack Pearson wasn't as beloved by dad Dave as much as he is on the internet. This storyline anchored the episode, which featured very little of the characters viewers know well. Jennifer Morrison played a military veteran named Cassidy whose transition back to her home life proved difficult. She was drinking too much and showed abusive behavior toward her young son, much to the massive concern of her husband, played by Nick Welsher, another newcomer. At the end of the episode, Cassidy crosses paths with the Pearson's uncle, Nicky (Griffin Dunne). But if you have any Spidey sense whatsoever, you'd know that quick shot of Kevin (Justin Hartley) booking a trip to bail out his uncle was probably a hint that Nicky won't be the only Pearson to interact with Cassidy.

Malik and family

"When They See Us" alum Asante Blackk played a teen father in yet another new storyline. Malik's infant daughter lives with him and his parents (Omar Epps and Marsha Stephanie Blake). The family's connection to the greater "This Is Us" lore was not made clear until the end, when he encounters and flirts with Deja (Lyric Ross) at a barbecue. Randall and Beth: Welcome to the teen dating world.


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