It seems like a new jeans trend takes the nation by storm almost every other week. People just arent satisfied with a simple pair of denim like they used to be.

And while last months outlandish denim trend was the “extreme cut out” look, it seems like that look has faded out of favor for an even less conservative trend. (RELATED: TAKE A LOOK AT THE MOST HORRIFYING FASHION MOVE OF THE CENTURY [PHOTOS])

Allow me to introduce you to the “lace up jeans” look.

If You Think Cut Out Jeans Are Going Extreme, Here Are Lace-Up Jeans

— 9GAG (@9GAG) May 8, 2018

Its available in camouflage for those who are going for a more discreet appeal.

The jeans are made by trendy designer Fashion Nova, which is known for its more absurd designs.

But these lace up jeans go above and beyond. Ive seen some pretty absurd trends. And Fashion Nova is not exactly known for its more conservative clothing options. But lace up jeans take the cake. Not to mention, the majority of people wearing these jeans are not likely to be the classiest of individuals. Theyre not wearing them to galas and fundraisers. Im picturing them being worn to a drunken McDonalds run, circa 3 AM. And something tells me theyre not going to look anything like the model.

Theres nothing wrong with lace up jeans. If you want to spend $50 on these babies, thats your prerogative. Its a free country. But dont expect to get many compliments on them.

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