There's a good chance that, after reading this article, you'll find yourself chanting that refrain to yourself at work for the rest of the day.And if you want to take things up a notch, there's a dance challenge you can get involved in, too."Chicken Noodle Soup," the long-awaited collaboration between BTS star J-Hope and American singer Becky G, has been released — and it's been accompanied by a viral call to arms.The music video for the infuriatingly catchy song dropped on Friday, featuring the pair showing off an array of impressive moves.J-Hope kicked off the "CNS challenge" shortly after its release, posting a video to TikTok in which he performed the arm-flapping routine in a field.And within minutes, his army of devotees were getting in on the act and sharing the results with the Twitter hashtag #CNSChallenge.So if you have a bit of downtime later, put it to good use by learning and performing the routine.BTS announced a hiatus earlier this year, allowing J-Hope to pursue solo ventures — and, according to the early reactiRead More – Source


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