Citing fatigue, Taiwanese novelist Chiung Yao announced on her Facebook page that she is turning off the comment function.

In her post late on Wednesday (March 11), she wrote that she set up the Facebook account in 2017 while she was writing Before Snow Falls, which was published later in 2017. Over the years, she has shut down and reinstated the account "for various reasons".

She adds: "Many of you have followed me from 2017 to today, and there were also friends who joined later.

"In these three years, I have faced many negative things – the death of a closed one, betrayals, being framed, lies, being discredited, and falsehoods. However, I was not defeated, but (instead) gained a deeper understanding and positive thinking of life.

"Time flies and I am 82. My eyesight and energy are not as good as before and Facebook has become my 'sweet burden'. I have maintained the page for you, but dear friends, I am really tired!

"I know how much all of you love me, and I love all of you too. However, 'breaking, giving up and leaving' are (inevitable) in our lives. Can you allow me to leave and cultivate my mind?"

She said she would turn off the comment function in a few days, and that fans who have written reviews after reading her latest book, Dream Of Plum Blossom Hero (2020), can tag her in their posts.

She is well-known for romance novels such as Misty Rain (1964), Six Dreams (1966) and Deep Garden (1969), many of which were maRead More – Source

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