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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Nintendo were the most tweeted topics of E3 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – the most talked about game on Twitter

Cyberpunk 2077 wasnt even in the top five tweeted games of E3, but The Elder Scrolls VI and Kingdom Hearts III were…

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Thanks to all the leaks and the lack of new hardware announcements E3 2018 will not go down as a classic but it still set the Twittersphere alight anyway, with talk of new games and new things to argue about.

The Twitter Blog has revealed that talk about video games rose by 94% last week, with nearly 15 million tweets using the #E3 hashtag. But the most popular subjects may surprise you.

According to Twitter the highest spike in E3 conversation came during the Nintendo Direct stream on Tuesday evening, with 890,000 tweets discussing the reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimates release date generated the most conversation on Twitter, followed by the reveal of Ridley as a new playable character.



The third most popular conversation topic, and the first not to have anything to do with Nintendo, was Bethesdas reveal of The Elder Scrolls VI teaser trailer.

Overall, the top five most tweeted-about games were Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, followed by Kingdom Hearts III, Fallout 76, The Last Of Us Part II, and Death Stranding.

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Surprisingly, Cyberpunk 2077 and Resident Evil 2 didnt make the top five, although the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament generated 250,000 tweets during the week.

This not only shows what was generating the most interest at E3 but also hints at the type of people, that talk about games on Twitter. The following are the top 10 topics overall during the week:

1. Nintendo (@Nintendo)
2. Xbox (@Xbox)
3. Super Smash Bros. (#SuperSmashBros)
4. Fallout (@Fallout)
5. PlayStation (@PlayStation)
6. Kingdom Hearts (@KINGDOMHEARTS)
7. Ubisoft (@Ubisoft)
8. Elder Scrolls (@ElderScrolls)
9. Death Stranding (#DEATHSTRANDING)
10. Fortnite (@FortniteGame)

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