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Xbox Game Pass – still worth it?

The evening Inbox looks for clues as to the PlayStation Classics other games, as one reader wants to discuss the Danganronpa anime.

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In short

As my trail period for Microsofts Game Pass nears its end Ive been weighing up the pros and cons to see if its worth a monthly fee of £7.99. Its a tough call, but even with the Microsoft exclusives available from launch Im swaying to the side of no.

My first issue is how long the games will be available. I was pleased to see Fallout: New Vegas on Game Pass when I took the trial but when I went to download it this morning it was gone. I dont know how long it was up for, for all I know it was more than enough time to play the game. But even if it was that still puts a window on when you can play the game. I dont like that, I want to play the game when Im good and ready.

The second issue is DLC is not included. You do seem to get a Game Pass discount on DLC but its not much. For instance, Fallout 4 is on Game Pass but the season pass even with discount is £35.99. You can pick up Fallout 4 Game of the Year edition for £20 these days.

My third issue is how long games take to play, especially the ones I tend to like which is meaty single-player fare. If I were to play all the games on Game Pass that interest me it would be a bargain but I honestly dont think thats feasible time wise.

If youre on a tight gaming budget Game Pass at £96 a year does represent very good value but the restrictions it places on choice (the selection is good but theres more not on it youd want to play than on it), time the games available, and the lack of DLC means I will probably skip it for now.
Simundo Jones

Appropriate setting

Just a quick question: will you be reviewing Dark Souls for the Switch?

Its the game Ive been waiting for the system, and Im planning on going to North Wales to Caernarfon Castle to play it for the day.

I just think it would be a perfect place to play it for the first time. (Mad I know).

I just hope it plays well in handheld mode.

GC: Hah, yes. The embargos not till Thursday though and thats going to be a busy day.

Game adaptation

Just writing in to inquire what GC and/or its readership thought of the Danganronpa 3: The End Of Hopes Peak High School animation? Overall, I thought it was a fitting end to the Hopes Peak Academy saga that all the games prior to Danganronpa V3 represent, though I couldnt help but feel disappointed at how the despair arc charted the events leading to the corruption of a certain key group of characters.

Without going into spoiler territory, I feel like the anime has done a disservice to the mystery and gravitas surrounding the characters and events of Danganronpa 2, especially in light of later episodes of the arc trying to resolve old plot threads and explain away the (often unconvincing) methods perpetrated by the mastermind in a very short space of time. Frankly, Id rather have kept that part of the development a mystery.

That said, it makes for good viewing in bringing the events that led to the large swathes of people manipulated across the games and the anime itself to a close, and Id recommend watching it for that reason alone. Just remember to keep any lofty expectations held firmly at the door.
super_slackster (NN ID)/Jonobabes13 (Steam ID)
PS: Currently playing Mario Kart 8 (NS), Splatoon 2 (NS), Pokémon GO (Android)
PPS: Looking forward to trying out Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony!

GC: We have to admit we havent watched any of the anime.



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Sony ZX Spectrum

Going for all the challenge Trophies on Astro Bot I noticed/realised that you fight the first boss on a PS1. I obviously hadnt clocked it the first time, probably due to Kong dominating the screen. Did Sony ask them to add it to promote the new PS1 mini? Ive yet to find any other consoles posing as scenery but itd be great if there was a SNES sat on a Mega Drive or even a ZX Spectrum +2 with a cassette of Werewolves Of London orbiting it and a Mario-like statue pointing to it with a speech bubble pronouncing Whassa dissa?

And once you see it you activate a giant Kratos vs. Link battle sequence with QTE symbols sporadically illuminating the sky and little Astro shaking his head with his face showing a stern expression encouraging you to use the torch on the secret Luigi ghost!

I live in hope its in the DLC.

GC: What?

Stable doors

So, I pre-ordered SoulCalibur VI the other week from an online store called Theyre based here in the UK and I got it for only £38, but of course Ive not used them before.

Its almost a too-good-to-be-true kind of deal, isnt it? Any less would have been quite suspicious. So, fellow readers, anybody else used them before and wants to put me mind at ease? Because if they are reliable, then this will be a great deal.

GC: Isnt that a question you shouldve asked before pre-ordering?

Music matters

Fave (best?) music soundtrack?! Its got to be, for me, Sonic The Hedgehog 1 and 2 on the Mega Drive. Both are good solid games, but if you factor the music into the equation then they become truly great games. The track for the Casino Nights Zone in Sonic 2 is probably my overall pick of the bunch. Memorable stuff, indeed.

I never cared as much for Sonic 3. I think not really liking the music had a lot to do with it. The tunes in the PS1 Tomb Raiders are pretty special, too.
Paul C.

Worth a purchase

Sorry Im late but I just wanted to nominate my favourite soundtrack for the Hot Topic, which nobody has said so far. Square Enixs recent Octopath Traveler is brilliant in many ways, but the incredible quality of the music throughout was such a surprise. Every piece of music fits every area perfectly, be it a town theme, battle theme, area theme, etc.

The composer (Yasunori Nishiki) has used such a wide range of instruments – from violins to saxophones, whistles to guitars – and it all comes together to create one of the most consistently stunning soundtracks Ive ever heard! I even purchased the soundtrack digitally on Amazon! I really hope the composer gets more work in gaming.
Thomas Parfett



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So I see the PlayStation Classic mini console due out this December has a certificate 18 age rating as listed on the Argos website for pre-orders. I presume then that this is telling us the remainder of the other 17 games that we are still waiting for on the official line-up will include some 18 certificate games?

GC: Either that or its a placeholder.

Just a quick one to say a big thanks to Andrew J for letting people know that they can download
Mark Of The Ninja Remastered for free if they purchased it previously on the Xbox 360.
Chaosphere616 (gamertag)

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