Is Taiwanese pop star Show Lo trying to woo his ex-girlfriend Grace Chow back or trying to salvage his image after her explosive post on social media?

Chow, 31, wrote on Weibo last month that she had broken up with Lo, 40. The Chinese Internet celebrity accused the singer-host of cheating on her, having sexual relationships with other women and hosting sex parties.

A rumoured third party – Linda Chien, 36, one of Lo's co-hosts on long-running variety programme 100% Entertainment – later apologised to Chow on social media.

Lo, who has largely remained silent after apologising to Chow twice on social media, uploaded a 7,000-word post on Weibo at 9.12am yesterday. The timing was significant as her birthday falls on Sept 12.

The singer-host is currently self-isolating at his home in Taipei after returning from China on May 8, as he has been dropped from several Chinese variety shows after the cheating scandal.

In his latest post titled "Boy and girl", he detailed their nine-year relationship, including how he wooed her and the first time he took her to meet his mother Lin Hsiang-lan.

He said he and Chow went to many theme parks when they were dating, including the first and only time she took a roller-coaster ride, an experience which spooked her.

Near the end of the post, he wrote: "You are a person sRead More – Source

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