Joseph Wulfsohn | Contributor

On Monday night, Seth Meyers dismissed the idea that “both sides” are to blame for the toxic political climate.

Meyers began by accusing President Donald Trump of being “incapable of being human” for his reaction to the horrific synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.

He later shamed his allies for pushing the theory that the bomb scares targeting prominent Democrats and CNN were a “false flag” before it was discovered that a Trump supporter was behind it. (RELATED: Trump Reacts to Devastating Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting)

The “Late Night” host then went after the Trump administration and other conservative pundits pointing to “both sides” as being responsible for the recent spade of violence.

“Its not both sides!” Meyers exclaimed.

“Only one side is repeating deranged conspiracy theories, accusing Democrats of orchestrating an immigrant invasion, calling the press the enemy of the people and encouraging violence,” he continued. “Trump literally reenacted a bodyslam against a reporter at one of his rallies. Bernie Sanders paused at one of his rallies after a bird landed on his podium.”

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