Ringo Starr missed out on the solo sex sessions (Picture: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Paul McCartney recently revealed something about The Beatles thats been burned into our brain – that the band indulged in group masturbation sessions.

Sir Paul recently revealed that he and John Lennon, as well as some friends, did the solo deed together while hanging out at the late singers house one day.

And then it went on to happen more than once.

But in that highly disturbing story its important to note one name was not mentioned – Ringo Starrs.

And thats because the drummer joined the band after these sex sessions took place.

When asked by TMZ why his name wasnt mentioned, Ringo confessed: That was before I joined.

Asked if he felt like he missed out he gave a huge laugh, but didnt answer the question. So yes, he probably does have FOMO over those now infamous self-satisfying sessions that brought John and Paul so close together.

These two apparently had a whale of a time before Ringo Joined (Picture: Cummings Archives/Redferns)

We also now have a timeline for the masturbation meetings, as Ringo joined the group in 1962 replacing Pete Best, which puts the sessions somewhere in a two year window from when the band were first founded.

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Paul went into intimate detail of what went on at the time, saying that one of the men had been thinking of Brigitte Bardot and yelled her name at the height of the moment, while John Lennon eventually ruined the moment by yelling out Winston Churchill!

Paul said: What it was, was over at Johns house, and it was just a group of us.

And instead of just getting roaring drunk and partying—I dont even know if we were staying over or anything—we were all just in these chairs, and the lights were out, and somebody started masturbating, so we all did.

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He added that someone yelled Brigittes name before they thrashed a bit more (oh god please stop), then added: I think John sort of said, “Winston Churchill!” which, as youd expect, apparently brought their session to a halt.

The singer went on to joke it had happened more than once, explaining: It was just the kind of thing you didnt think much of. It was just a group. Yeah, its quite raunchy when you think about it. Theres so many things like that from when youre a kid that you look back on and youre, “Did we do that?”

But it was good harmless fun. It didnt hurt anyone. Not even Brigitte Bardot.

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The mental image makes it far from harmless, Paul.

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