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Loved universally across the globe. Really a gift to mankind. But what does your pizza order say about you? While we all know that anyone who takes pineapple on their pizza is clearly crazy, what do other toppings mean?

Your pizza order is the gateway to your subconscious and Im here to show you what you really want.

Peruse this quiz for your favorite toppings and whatever else you put on your pizza, and it will let you know your innermost dreams.

I cant tell you if youll be rich or famous but your pizza order can now tell you what your true dreamhouse looks like.

I know you better than you know yourself, or at least this quiz does. You only want cheese? Does that simplicity translate to your interior and exterior design desires too? Pepperoni? You love it- but what does it mean???? Does the spice curb your rebellion and push you towards a cookie-cutter suburban home? Find out here. Seriously, do it.

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