Kim wrote a letter of support for Momolu (Picture: Getty/ Oxygen/ Bunim Murray Productions)

A prison inmate, who Kim Kardashian previously advocated for, will walk free after being convicted of murder 23 years ago, when he was 16.

Momolu Stewart, who was convicted of murder in 1999 as a teenager, has now had his life sentence reduced from life to time served plus three days, with five years of probation.

The 39-year-old was originally found guilty by a jury in Washington DC, alongside Kareem McCraney, for the murder of Mark Rosebure, 23.

Kim, who is currently studying to become a lawyer as she follows in her fathers footsteps, met with Stewart back in July at the District Of Columbia Correctional Treatment Facility.

After meeting one-on-one, she wrote a letter of support for him.

Kim Kardashian
Stewart is set to be featured in Kims documentary (Picture: Oxygen / Bunim Murray Productions)

According to, the star wrote: While incarcerated Momolu, in an attempt to somehow turn his life around, even though the rest of his natural life would seemingly be spent in prison took classes, including Dr. Howards Georgetown Prisoners Scholars program.



He helped set up programs to help other prisoners. He took every opportunity to re-imagine his life while staying completely out of trouble.

The case is also set to be featured in Kims documentary, which will be released in 2020.

Its not the first time a prisoner Kim has advocated for has been set free, after Paul Algarin, who was formerly convicted on weapons charges, was offered jobs around the world following her help.

According to TMZ, Paul Algarin has had opportunities land on his lap – ranging from modelling to tattoo work – from places as far as Nigeria and the UK.

Kim Kardashian
Hes just one of many prisoners shes helped to release (Picture: Oxygen / Bunim Murray Productions)

The publication also reported that Paul has also been approached to help with prison reform after he was freed following his initial contact with Kim, who has been working hard behind the scenes to free some inmates.

Despite only currently being a law student, it seems Kim is already smashing it after she helped free 17 inmates in 90 days earlier this year.

MiAngel Cody, lead counsel for the Decarceration Collective, revealed the 38-year-old has been very important to the cause.

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