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Pokemon Go to add two new types of the rarely seen Unown to the App
Niantic appears to be gearing up to unleash two new types of the ultra-rare Unown on the App (Credit: Pokemon)

Niantic look set to have some big plans for Pokemon Go this year, with rumours of new legendaries and multiplayer developments.

But things just got even more interesting as the dev looks set to up their game when it comes to challenging completionist and collectors as they’re introducing two more types of Unown into the game.

Currently there are 26 variants of the Pokemon floating around the game (mostly at antisocial hours and only for a limited time) but it seems that the App will catch up with the Pokedex in the rest of the Pokemon world.

Yes, that mean there will be 28 variants of Unown – meaning the question mark and exclamation mark types will be available.

One eagle-eyed Redditor spotted that space had been made in the in-game Pokedex for two extra Unown.

Pokemon Go to add two new types of the rarely seen Unown to the App
Currently there are 26 of 28 Unowns on the App, but one eagle-eyed fan has seen the Pokedex for the creature has been expanded (Credit: Pokemon)

Ever since Unown was rolled out into the App last year it’s proved to be one of the most elusive and annoyingly frustrating Pokemon to catch.

In fact, it’s so rare that there are still many trainers who haven’t seen even a single type of the Pokemon.

Outside of special events, Unown usually appears once or twice per day in a busy urban area, and these are more often than not in the early hours of the morning when no one is around to catch them.

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If fans were worrying about the chances of getting a rare Gold Unown Badge getting even slimmer it seems that your luck is in, as players will only need to catch 26 of the 28 Unown forms in order to get it (that’s good news, right?).

There’s no official word yet on when the two new variants will be added, but it could be safe to assume that they will be made available as part of a community raid.

In the past few weeks there’s been a whole tonne of reasons to get excited about the App in 2018. Rumours are rife that Niantic are about to unleash Deoxys on the platform, and a new wave of Ex-Raids being rolled out means trainers are in with a shot of getting MewTwo… if they get an invite.

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