Good review of Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night, GC, which I generally agree with based on my dozen or so hours with it so far. It raised or a few interesting topics for me though, the first being the Japanese obsession with randomness and luck. I assume this must be a cultural thing as it is always much more prevalent in their games, where a random element that is completely out of your control is seen as a perfectly normal part of even a skilled action game.

It took a long time for us to get them to give up on random encounters in role-playing games, so the whole idea seems pretty entrenched, but I often find it spoils many of my favourite games and Id love an option to turn it off if possible.

The other thing was what you do with a franchise like Castelvania, or just a general concept like Metroidvania, that has been going on for so long that innovation seems impossible. Bloodstained, like you said, has an excuse for being how it is but if theres a Bloodstained 2 or a new official Castlevania? Are they going to be nostalgia driven copies as well? Will it ever end or hRead More – Source


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