Pokemon GO Gen 4 RELEASE DATE LIVE: Sinnoh Region Pokemon released on iOS, Android TODAY! (Pic: NIANTIC)


Pokemon GO Gen 4 are now appearing in the wild for iOS and Android.

You can watch the new trailer below.

Stand by for more info…

Original Story – Pokemon GO players are on tenterhooks right now as they await the release of the games next big update.

The release of Gen 4 Pokemon from the Sinnoh region.

Aside from teasers, which Niantic has been putting out thick and fast as of late, the developers officially set all the wheels in motion last night by rolling out a new update on iOS and Android which essentially added new Generation 4 Pokemon into the game.

And there'es no disguising it, because even the games latest official patch notes say it. Here's the exact line they used:

"Pokemon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region are arriving in Pokemon GO."

Add that together with the game now containing all the files for Gen 4, it's literally just sat ready to go the moment Niantic flips a switch.

So the only question that remains is when will Niantic release Generation 4 Pokemon into the wild?

Read on for some idle speculation and a lot of deducing based on what we know.

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When will Gen 4 be released?

Realistically we think the latest date that Niantic can and will launch Gen 4, is October 23. That's when 5 star raids for Mewtwo come to an end and we already suspect that the Gen 1 Legendary will be replaced by a new Gen 4 Raid boss.

The trailers released in preparation for Gen 4 hinted at the release of Legendary Pokemon Giratina and it seems pretty nailed on this will be our next big Raid boss coming to the game.

However, this is simply the latest possible date for the launch of Gen 4. There's no saying that Niantic have to wait until October 23 to launch the new Sinnoh region Pokemon.

In fact, it makes miles more sense to release the next gen in advance, with the new Gen 4 Legendary going live a few days later.

And if we're assuming that Niantic opt for the latter, the release date could be literally any minute now.

The Starter Pokemon

There past few days Niantic have slowly been teasing all three Gen 4 starter Pokemon. which as Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup.

These three were hinted at during the initial Gen 4 teaser trailer (above) but have also been individually teased on Twitter the past few days. Read for yourself:

Tweet 1 – "Were excited to hear reports of a Water-type Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region that can dive for over 10 minutes to hunt. Its speed and quick movement definitely lead us to believe that it's a skilled swimmer. Which Pokémon could this be?"

Tweet 2 – "As we learn about Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region, were curious to hear about a Pokémon that has a fiery rear end.Whatever this Fire-type Pokémon is, were excited for the opportunity to add it to our Pokédex soon!"

Tweet 3 – "Ready to join us on our adventure with Pokémon first discovered in the Sinnoh region, Trainers? Heres a sneak peek of another Pokémon. Sources say that photosynthesis occurs across this Pokémons body under the sun"



Gen 4 – Final Thoughts

Let's assume that Niantic doesn't send out a teaser tweet for Giratina, simply because, the Pokemon also featured in the trailer along with the starter Pokemon.

Everything is in place for it to launch today.

Fingers crossed, well, we hope!

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