Plague Tale Preview: A Harrowing, Atmospheric Experience from Start to Finish (Pic: FOCUS HOME INTERACTIVE)

As the opening cutscene opened up in Plague Tale, the warm brown and orange hues of leaves of a forest to match perfectly with main character Amicias maroon doublet and breeches, I couldnt help but think that this looked like the starting sketch of a painting of some sort.

David Dedeine, the CCO of Plague Tale, later on pointed out that the picturesque look that was prominent throughout my time playing the game, was entirely intentional.

To say that Plague Tale is beautiful to look at is a severe understatement. Even the darkest parts of the game, the blood, the gore, the absolutely emotional-distressing scenes that turned my stomach, were hard not to admire in how they were shot.

It was simply one of those moments that, no matter how much you wanted to look away, you couldnt.

But while Plague Tales looks wowed me, what I played thrilled.


As I mentioned, you start off in a forest with Amicia, her father and her beloved hunting hound, Lion. Who you can pet by the way. Your welcome, Twitter.

Everything is seemingly perfect, with reassuring colors and simple, playful dialogue between Amicia and her father. Even a little game of smacking apples out of trees with rocks.

A nice and not-so-subtle way to indicate to players that Amicia, in spite of her young age, is going to be causing some damage with her slingshot, so theyd best prepare.

Only, as I trekked deeper, it wasnt hard to notice that the world I was eagerly rushing towards, had started to – quite literally – get darker with each step. But it isnt just lighting and colors that indicate the change of mood.

If you decide to tarry longer and explore and hear the people of Amicias house speak of quietly of the unimaginable to a young noble girl: hunger, rebellion, death… Youll soon realize that the start of the game truly was just an illusion of happiness.

A plaster placed on an open, gaping wound that shows no indication of healing.


Some pretty traumatizing events occur and soon all Amicia is left with is herself and, for better or for worse, her younger brother, Hugo. Hugo and Amicia actually dont know a lot about each other, but in my opinion, nothing pulls people together than everyone you love brutally dying before your eyes.

And by God, you really must stick together. Stealth is so important in this game, and leaving Hugo alone can leave you in a precarious situation – such as him crying out for help, alerting those who are after you to make their way towards your location.

It leads to a messy death half the time, and for players who love their freedom it can be a bit annoying, but it makes sense both narratively and through gameplay.

After all, both Amicia and Hugo are children versus the world, andRead More – Source

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